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Ford Mustang Boss 429 – Classic Muscle Car 2020 Review

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Ford Mustang Boss 429 – Classic Muscle Car 2020 Review

Author Elise  |  28th September 2020

By Owen Pham Ever since it was introduced to the market in 1964, the Ford Mustang became the most popular muscle car ever and an American car industry icon that gathered the attention of many car enthusiasts worldwide. As an attempt to make the Mustang more attractive to buyers, Ford Motor Company has released numerous high-performance variants of this charming muscle car, one of the most memorable ...

Pontiac GTO – Muscle Car 2020 Review

Author Elise  |  25th September 2020

Widely recognised as the first American muscle car and general iconic hot rod, the Pontiac GTO was unparalleled in its trendsetting. As one of the OG’s of the muscle car era – if not the OG – it earned a high spot in our list of muscle cars we wish were still around. Unfortunately, some loves burn so bright that they end up fully consuming everything in ...

1969 Ford Mustang – Dream Car To Fans of American Muscle

Author Elise  |  24th September 2020

By Niamh Smith In the last decade, there has been a rise in demand for the ‘69 Mustang, particularly in the UK. This month it was reported that the 1969 Ford Mustang was September’s most-searched-for car. As one of the most iconic muscle cars of all time, and one of our bestsellers, the 1969 Ford Mustang deserves its own spotlight.   The 1969 Ford Mustang: True Muscle As Ford ...

5 Reasons Classic Old Mustangs Make the Best Muscle Cars

Author Elise  |  21st September 2020

By Jamie Wills One of the most iconic muscle cars, a classic mustang is always the star vehicle in the lot. Unlike the high-performance bulk of the Dodge Charger or Boss 302, Mustangs like the Shelby GT500 are the Jessica Rabbit of cars, where a large front, curves and fantasies unite. To wax lyrical, old mustangs deliver dreams that have loitered in the heart for years, ...

Classic American Muscle Cars We Wish Were Back

Author Elise  |  15th September 2020

The seventies were a good time for muscle cars and their owners, despite the discontinuation of many classic muscle cars due to rising difficulties with emissions regulations. As most things do, the world of muscle and sports cars simply evolved. This was not a bad thing: iconic muscle cars of the ’70s began to turn into pony cars (generally smaller than the classic models) and became ...

Ford UK MD Visits Leading Mustang Dealership – We’re Still Reeling

Author Paul Bennett  |  24th August 2020

Hi guys, Paul Bennett here. What a week! As the MD of both Muscle Car UK and Pilgrim Motorsports, there are never two days alike in the factory. One day last week, however, was worth circling in the calendar. In red, green, glitter and stickers. On Thursday, we were delighted to receive Andy Barratt, the Managing Director of Ford Motor Company UK. He honoured us by visiting ...

Ladies With Drive – Mare van Oosterhout

Author Elise  |  7th August 2020

Three things I’ve learnt from female owners of classic cars this week: Women give their classics a name When they say ‘find yourself a guy’, they mean a mechanic Treat your car like a boyfriend (details below) Ladies With Drive is back! Mare on her modified 1981 Toyota Landcruiser HJ60. “These types of cars are not known for breaking down.” This blog series aims to expand the motoring world audience by ...

New Record – 1968 Ford Mustang Sells For $3.85 Million

Author Elise  |  30th July 2020

Last year, the title of World’s Most Expensive Mustang belonged to Steve McQueen’s original Mustang used in the film Bullitt. The car was sold at Mecum auctions for $3.4 million. However, the crown belongs to the new girl in town. The very first prototype in a line of competitive cars, and the first 1968 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R to win a race, set a new record by ...

The Return of the Ford Mustang Mach 1

Author Elise  |  30th July 2020

Set to return in 2021, after seventeen years the Ford Mustang Mach 1 is champing at the bit. As one of the most iconic models ever produced, featuring from 1969 onwards in James Bond films among others, the Ford Mustang Mach 1 needs no introduction. Late last year, Ford announced they would reinstate the legendary nameplate on their first all-electrical SUV model, the controversial Ford Mustang Mach-E. ...

Take Our American Muscle Car Personality Test!

Author Elise  |  23rd July 2020

What Kind of Muscle Car Enthusiast Are You? Does it take a ‘type’ of person to enjoy classic American muscle cars? Find out what kind of muscle car enthusiast you are in our personality test. Have a read of our 5 main types of personalities. We won’t patronisingly give you little letters and numbers to add up. You can decide for yourself. You might recognise yourself instantly ...

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