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A Short History of Automotive Design

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A Short History of Automotive Design

Author Elise  |  14th December 2020

By Charlotte Iggulden How Culture Has Shaped Car Design Like most things in life, automobiles do not exist in a vacuum. Their design and engineering respond to the zeitgeist: the spirit of the times. Throughout history, car designers and visual futurists have been profoundly influenced by technological and scientific advancements, politics, artistic movements, cultural trends and philosophy, whether optimistic or pessimistic.  Where industrial design is broad, automotive design ...

Classic Cars Magazine Review 2020

Author Elise  |  11th December 2020

By Niamh Smith I remember dragging my parents to the magazine aisle of Tesco’s when I was a kid, to flick through the Volkswagen magazines. I was THAT kid who took Volksworld into secondary school to read on my lunch break (and I distinctly remember doing a slideshow presentation on my parents 1972 campervan, Dorothy, in year 7).  Thankfully, as I grew up, my taste expanded and ...

Chevrolet Super Sport – Classic Muscle Car Review

Author Elise  |  9th December 2020

By Charlotte Iggulden Super: Latin (preposition and v. prefix) meaning above, beyond, or in addition to an especially high degree; akin to Greek hyper. Before Louis-Joseph Chevrolet (1878-1941) co-founded the eponymous car manufacturing company, he was a mechanic, car designer and race car driver. You would not be wrong in saying performance runs in a Chevy muscle car’s veins.    This is our classic Chevrolet SS review on the ...

The Facts of Rivalry: Ford V Ferrari Review

Author Elise  |  7th December 2020

By Niamh Smith Things I look for in a film: thrilling action that leaves me strapped into the driver’s seat, loveable characters that make me want to have a beer with them, and as a history buff I like a bit of historical context as well.  As a classic racing nerd, match those features with a storyline based on the true rivalry between Ford and Ferrari in ...

CAR Magazine Review—Muscle Car UK Review

Author Elise  |  4th December 2020

By Jamie Wills There was a time when Top Gear was about cars. Chris Goffey would drive something sensible, and Quentin Willson would discuss the UK second hand car market. Jeremy Clarkson would throw a bucket of similes at an expensive toy, and then Tony Mason would do some rallying. All bases were covered. CAR magazine’s website is this version of Top Gear. Unlike its print edition, ...

Owners’ Muscle Car Reviews UK—Charlie Fuller’s 1966 Mustang

Author Elise  |  2nd December 2020

Despite the abundance of car magazines and the multi-sensory overload of sophisticated websites dedicated to revelling in the glory that are classic V8 engines, few resources actually give people a sense of what it is to own and drive the car of your dreams every day. Websites are full of ads and reviews, forums are full of advice and opinions, while Youtube is full of cars ...

Chevrolet Corvette Review – Classic Muscle Car Review 2020

Author Elise  |  30th November 2020

By Niamh Smith America’s Sports Car: Chevrolet Corvette Review The Chevrolet Corvette is a piece of Americana. It is so easily recognisable, even people who aren’t particularly into cars can recognise an early Corvette when it rumbles down the street past them. As GM’s crowning jewel, the ‘Vette has had more than 60 years of production and 8 generations and has been, in the most part, incredibly ...

7 Classic Car Restoration Tips From UK Mustang Specialists

Author Elise  |  27th November 2020

By Charlotte Iggulden Have you ever been transfixed watching a car restoration project on TV, where a seemingly unsalvageable antique vehicle or classic muscle car was transformed into its original condition? If so, you might want to consider a hands-on restoration project yourself. Classic car restoration shows are ideal resources for beginners and experts alike to gain practical knowledge from experienced mechanics. With the ongoing popularity of restoring ...

Oldsmobile 442 – Classic Muscle Car Review 2020

Author Elise  |  25th November 2020

By Jamie Wills As there was Beyoncé Knowles, so there was Solange. As there was Michael Jackson, so there was Jermaine. And as there was Gary Lineker, so there was Wayne. The sibling fame bandwagon may have mixed results, but it has always been an irresistible lure. So it was in 1964 when Oldsmobile saw General Motors stablemate Pontiac GTO being released and hit pay dirt ...

Autocar Review—Car Magazine Review 

Author Elise  |  23rd November 2020

By Chris Williams It is very difficult to write a review of a car magazine/website as a petrolhead for one overarching reason: a visit to their website for an intel-gathering mission stays on course for all of thirty seconds before falling down an inescapable rabbit warren of distracting reviews and videos. There is nothing to be done but indulge until the appetite is satisfied some hours ...

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