Ford Mustang 1970 BOSS 302 Manual - Muscle Car

Ford Mustang 1970 BOSS 302 Manual

Ford Mustang 1970 BOSS 302 Manual


We offer here one of the rare 1970s Muscle cars .

Built in Dearborn on 11/11/1969 in LHD with a four-speed manual box
Sold by Don Sanderson Ford of Glendale, Arizona on 25/04/1970
Powered by the standard Fierce 290bhp, 302, OHV, V-8
Finished in Wimbledon White with black hockey stripes , a black interior and black knit vinyl décor bucket seats
Traction-Lok rear axle, competition suspension, quick-ratio steering, Shaker hood scoop, deluxe steering wheel, tinted glass, tachometer and Magnum 500 chrome wheels

Nineteen sixty-nine was a pivotal year for Ford’s Mustang. A larger body permitted a full range of engines up to 370 horsepower, and new styling added quad headlights. Bodies had new contours, and roof outlines were revised. The hardtop coupe gained a new greenhouse, and the previous fastback coupe was restyled and designated “Sports Roof.” The convertible continued in production, and two new coupé body variations, Grande and Mach 1 were added. Available for all but Grande, Mach 1, six-cylinder cars, and entry-level V-8s was the GT equipment group, which included body stripes, hood scoop, hood locks, and a pop-open GT fuel cap.

Mustang performance had lagged behind arch-rival the Chevrolet Camaro and, in response, Ford came up with a 428 Cobra Jet V-8 for the Mustang in mid-1968. For 1969, a small-block, high-performance engine debuted in the form of the Boss 302. The Boss 302 package included handling and aerodynamic enhancements and was aimed at homologation for the Sports Car Club of America ‘Trans Am’ racing series, which had a five-litre (302-cubic inch) displacement limit.

Designer Larry Shinoda penned the Boss 302’s distinctive exterior: a reflective C-stripe adorned the side, the fake air scoop on regular 1969 Mustangs was eliminated, and a horizontal black rear window shade and blackout hood were optional. A front spoiler and rear deck wing were added as well. For 1970, the Boss 302 got the model-defining, ‘hockey stick’ side stripes, and the regular 1970 grille that replaced outer headlights with horizontal vents. Disc front brakes were standard, along with heavier roll bars, spindles, and shock towers. A four-speed manual transmission was also standard. The solid-lifter engine was rated at 290 horsepower, although later dyno tests suggest that was rather pessimistic. Acceleration was measured at 6.9 seconds to 60 mph and 14.6 seconds to 98 mph in the quarter-mile.

Offered here is an exceptionally original example finished in Wimbledon White with a black interior and ‘Black Knit Vinyl Décor’ bucket seats. It rolled off the Dearborn assembly line on the 11th November 1969 in left-hand drive with a four-speed manual transmission headed to Don Sanderson Ford of Glendale Arizona where it was first registered on 25/04/1970. Powered by the standard 290 bhp, 302 OHV V-8 mated to four-speed manual transmission, we can see from its build-sheet that the chosen options were ‘driver-focused with a Traction-Lok rear axle, competition suspension, quick-ratio steering, Shaker Head Scoop, Deluxe steering wheel, Tinted Glass, Tachometer and Magnum 500 Chrome wheels.

Its early life in the dry climate of Arizona probably accounts for its remarkably well-preserved condition. It seems to have been imported into Holland in 2015 before being registered in the UK in January 2019 as ANM 625H. It comes with two boxes of running consumables.

Out of the 7,014 Boss 302s produced in total, only 52 were equipped with a Traction-Lok rear axle and just 5 with the Shaker Hood so this is an especially rare and highly desirable Mustang. In simply remarkable overall condition, this is an investment-quality 302, perfect for someone who wants one of the best available.

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