1964 Ford Mustang Pre Production Convertible - Muscle Car

1964 Ford Mustang Pre Production Convertible

1964 Ford Mustang Pre Production Convertible

1964 1/2 Ford MustangConvertible3.3

Year of Manufacture: 1964
Body Type: Convertible
Engine Size: 2785cc 170 cu in
Power BHP: 120 BHP
Gearbox Type: Automatic
Mileage: 30467
Colour: Sunlight Yellow
Factory Options: All Orginal


64½ Ford Mustang Convertible. 170 Automatic
Sunlight Yellow, Black Interior & Soft Top.


Buying this wonderful old Classic Mustang was an experience that will never be forgotten. Finding a true pre-production 64½ Mustang for sale is a rare event these days even in the 5th Largest Economy in the World….California. This beautiful Mustang has many of the historical parts still installed within such as the dyno instead of an alternator, there is a considerable list of the unique parts which confirms its build date of the 30th July 1964. All we have changed is the carpet at the old carpet was rather threadbare. Should you wish the engine compartment to be detailed that would be a pleasure, we decided that the next custodian could make that call. As this Mustang has not changed in 55 years!

Add into this that it is a Convertible, and then that it is one of the earliest cars built with a 170 cubic inch power unit, was incredible in itself.

In addition to these factors the car behind the very badly photographed images in the local Fresno advertisement we responded to, proved to be of an incredibly original, corrosion-free and charming example of the very first of the breed of Wild Horse.

Our excitement in finding this exceptional piece of American Automotive history took us through an extraordinary roller coaster of emotions which are very hard to put into words.

Before us stood a man outside a beautiful home in a very quiet and attractive part of Fresno in Northern California. The Yellow Mustang sitting on the drive had clearly just been backed out of the garage.

The seller reminded us of a famous personality and it became embarrassingly obvious that we were trying to put a name to the face as he looked so familiar. Marti Garcia was very charming and explained that the Mustang had been his wife’s car since her high school days when she purchased it from the original owner in 1980. The Bill of Sale for $8,000 dollars also stated that the engine and transmission had been rebuilt just before the sale, a very attractive incentive in itself.

Lori Garcia had kept her Classic Mustang Convertible in the garage of her Fresno home and the care and love it was given gave rise to the wonderful patina which is evident on close inspection today.

At this point, Marti said, “ A lot of people think I am Kurt Russell” and instantly we knew why we had been trying to remember, he then went on to say his wife had looked just like Raquel Welch. They must have looked quite the couple cruising around California.

So sadly he was now selling their house, and cars to find a new home in Fresno and he asked us to ensure we would find a loving new owner for his wife’s cherished Mustang who would love her as much as Lori had.

This Mustang is for the person who really wants to own a part of Mustang history and would enjoy driving it around in an original understated way, a Mustang that just needs to be cruised and shown to all.

Contact us to arrange a viewing and test drive in this remarkable and very very rare Mustang which must represent an unusually rare investment opportunity and a legacy to a very Lovely Lady.

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