1966 Trans Am Ford Mustang Fastback 350GT Supercharged Clone - Muscle Car

1966 Trans Am Ford Mustang Fastback 350GT Supercharged Clone

1966 Trans Am Ford Mustang Fastback 350GT Supercharged Clone

1966 350GT Supercharged Clone2 Door Coupe5.0 V8

1966 Trans Am Ford Mustang Fastback 350GT Supercharged Clone
Wimbledon White with Blue Shelby Stripes. Light Blue and Blue Rosette Bespoke Interior. 302 Cubic Inch 5.0 Litre V8 Machined by Leist Race Engines of San Mateo California, GT40 Cylinder Heads, High Lift Camshaft, Forged Crank & Connecting Rods Fully balanced, Professional Products Super Damper Harmonic Balancer, Edelbrock Aluminium Intake Manifold, Edelbrock Al;uminium Water Pump, 750 Double Pumper Carburettor, Paxton Supercharger with Cold Air Induction Kit. 4 Speed Top-loader by John Wise Racing Transmissions of San Carlos California with Hurst Competition Shifter, Centre Force Competition Clutch, Hydraulic Clutch Conversion, MSD Distributer, Ignition Control Module & Coil, Stainless Steel Headers & Exhaust System, Power Flow Mufflers, Champion Aluminium Radiator, SPAAL Electric Cooling Fan, Silicone Engine Coolant Hoses, Total Control Poly Engine Mounts, Milodon Deep Oil Pan, Milodon High Volume Oil Pump, Moroso Catch Cans for Oil & Water, Total Control Products TCP Power Rack & Pinion Steering Conversion, TCP Braided Hoses, TCP Track Rod Ends, TCP Bump Steer Eliminator, TCP Steering Tie Rod Adjuster Set, TCP Coil Over Front Suspension, TCP Vari-Shock Quickset 2 Double Adjustable Shock Absorbers, TCP Custom Matched Coil Over Springs, TCP Engine Mounts, KRC Competition Power Steering Pump with Billet Aluminium Reservoir, TCP Rear Suspension Conversion, TCP Vari- Shock 1 Adjustable Rear Shock Absorbers, TCP Custom Matched Rear Coil Overs, TCP Four Link with Rose Joints plus spare Rubber Bushed spares, Cobra 1 ¼” Tubular front Anti Roll Bar, Cobra Automotive Big Spindle Kit ( Trans Am ) with Heavy Duty Rods, Cobra Automotive ¾” Rear Anti Roll Bar, Cobra Automotive Competition Front 112 Disc Brake Conversion with 4 Piston Calipers, Cobra Braided front Brake Lines, Cobra Complete Front Brake Cooling Kit, Cobra Side Rear Brake Cooling Ducts, Cobra Rear Brake Cooling Kit, Ford Explorer Rear Disc Brake Conversion, Twin Chamber Brake Master Cylinder, Cobra Automotive Adjustable Brake Proportioning Valve, EBC Competition Brake Pads, Fuel Safe 20 Gallon Aluminium Fuel Cell, Cobra Automotive Fuel Splah Pan, Le Mans Gas Cap, Braided Fuel Lines, Cobra Automotive Hi Volume Fuel Pump, Moroso Inline Canister High Volume Fuel Filter, Hauser 9” Heavy Duty Ford Axle Caser, Eaton Tru Trac Limited Slip Differential, Strange Engineering 3.50 :1 Gearing, Strange Engineering 35 Spline Axles, Nodular Iron Case, Heavy Duty Bearings, Heavy Duty Drive Shaft, Braided Flax Line Kit, Cobra Automotive R Model Front Apron+ Debris Screen+Racing Mirrors+ Towing/Jacking Front Bracket+ Bonnet Pins+ Trunk Pin Kit, Talbot Racing Door Mirrors, Fiamme Triple Air Horns, Kirkley Racing Seats with Custom Upholstery, Lightweight Carpet, Rear Seat Delete with Carpeted Cover Panel, 10 Point Powder Coated Roll Cage, Automometer Racing Gauges, JME Billet Instrument Housing, Custom Tunnel Mounted Switch Box, Fire Extinguisher, Custom Aluminium Glove Box & Passenger Foot Brace, T Branda Wood Rimmed Steering Wheel, Sparco Pedal Covers, Scroth Racing Five Point Harnesses, TCP Welded Sub Frame Connectors, TCP Chassis Brace with Prop Loop, Carter Racing Sill Reinforcement Plates, Carter Racing Footwell Chassis Stiffening Plate Kit, Carter Racing Rocker Stiffening Kit, Carter Racing Shock Tower Bracing Kit, Carter Racing Torque Box Bracing Kit, Chromed Export Brace, Monte Carlo Engine Brace with Loop For Supercharger, Truss Braces from Shock Tower to Front Core Support, Optima Red Top Hi-Pro Battery Trunk Mounted with Heavy Duty Battery Cable and Isolator Switch, Billet Aluminium Battery Hold Down Kit, Fibre Glass Rear Bumper by Forward Motorsports with Chrome Wrap, 8” Alloy Wheels by Vintage Wheel Works, Toyo R888 Track Day Road Legal Tyres with Goodyear Billboard Period Lettering.

Well, if you have read that specification, you will get some idea of just how good, correction, fantastic! this 350 GT Mustang really is. Now we have had a number of highly modified cars over the years which have been built using the best of the best components and in most cases, they have required setting up properly to get the most out of the modifications, and this type of specialised work is very time consuming and expensive.
None of that “Dialling In” has been required with this outstanding car, it was imported by the last owner as an absolutely solid straight and issue free example from Southern California in April 2000. Determined to build the best example of its type using the very best components available and in his own words, with no regard to the cost!
Incredible is the standard to which this car has been built, there is no system or component on the car that has not received the same attention to detail and most importantly, operational compatibility with everything else on the car.
The result is a motor car which has the exact stance and visual stimulus that must have been created by the original Shelby cars back in the day, the body and exterior carries all the correct features evident on most 350 GT re-creations, but the difference here is they all actually function. Truthfully, they need to given the 430 BHP this beauty puts out.
Power comes from an over bored 289 V8 with fully balanced Forged Crank & Connecting Rods, GT40 Cylinder Heads, High Lift Camshaft, High Volume Oil Pump & Pan, Tri-Y Stainless Headers & Exhaust. Topping all this off is a 750 Double Pumper Carb that is fed fuel by a pressure sensitive High Volume Fuel Pump and air by a Paxton Supercharger.
The interior is a cleverly designed full race style cockpit that has all the systems and features of a full-blown race car, yet it is trimmed and carpeted with custom door cards, seat trim and carpets which hark back to the standard road car. But that is where the relationship firmly ends, and that becomes obvious the second this beast fires instantly into life!
Once seated and strapped in with the 5 point harness the sensation of “wearing the car” becomes apparent, you become almost part of the engineering and the car instantly instils a feeling of confidence, a confidence that grows the more you explore the performance of this truly exciting car.
Open the throttle and the sound of the Supercharger over the vaguely silenced bellow of the V8 engine is joyful, the power is delivered instantly and smoothly across the entire rev range, the road is going by quickly now but as the speed increases so does that feeling of confidence, point the Mustang into a corner and you soon realise all that usual vagueness and uncertainty of how you will emerge from the turn is gone. The body shell is so stiff and strong thanks to all the Carter Racing upgrades, allowing the superbly designed TCP suspension components to work their magic.
Also gone is the usual wander and bump steer, the TCP Power Rack & Pinion set up has taken care of that, now the car has an outstandingly positive feeling of control at the wheel with just the correct amount of assistance. When you have to slow down the brakes give the same feedback to the driver, they really work and this instils more confidence in the car, the
pedal effort is exactly reflective of the deceleration required and very quickly the car and driver feel as one.
All this being said, this Classic Mustang is absolutely happy in normal traffic conditions and will stay cool in heavy traffic, will tolerate quite happily being driven quite sedately, saying that the amount of interest created amongst other drivers and pedestrians makes all journeys a little different anyway! Or consider entering Bernies V8 Sports Racing Series.

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