1968 Ford Mustang S Code 390 Convertible - Muscle Car

1968 Ford Mustang S Code 390 Convertible

1968 Ford Mustang S Code 390 Convertible

Ford Mustang S Code 390 Convertible2 Door Convertible6.4L V8

1968 Ford Mustang S Code 390 Convertible
Candy Apple Red, Black Bucket Seats, White Power operated Soft Top with Glass Rear
Window, 390 Cubic Inch 6.4 Litre V8, C6 Automatic Transmission, Power Assisted Brakes
with Discs to the front wheels, Woodrim Steering Wheel, Chrome Bolt on Wire Wheels,
New White Side Band Tyres, Dual Exhaust, Electronic Ignition.Chrome Air Filter Housing
& Rocker Covers. Additional Fuel Pressure and Vacuum Gauges. GT Grille and Front Fog
Without doubt a Classic Mustang Convertible is a special car but this one is very special
Many hundreds of thousands of Mustang Convertibles were built between 1964 1/2 and
1968 but only 483 were built with an S in the space for the engine code on the data tag.
The S tells us that the car was built with Ford's 390 Cubic Inch 6.4 Litre V8 which
produced 325 BHP, a figure many believe was played down at the time as the
government put the squeeze on car manufacturers to keep power output and engine
sizes down to minimise fuel usage.
Whatever it’s true output was, it is a formidable power unit and its presence makes this
outstanding Convertible Muscle Car extremely rare.
It rolled off the San Jose production line in California on the 12th March 1968 and was
delivered into the DIstrict Sales Office of Los Angeles. Finished in Candy Apple Red
which it still wears today along with a Black Standard Bucket Seat interior, also correct
to the data tag and a feature of the car that our trim shop are in the process of completely
replacing with new absolutely correct TMI upholstery and Seat foams.
Having been imported into the U.K. in 1990 it has had only two registered owners since
being here. The incredibly well preserved and solid condition of the Mustang is a
testament to how well both owners have cared for it, the last over a twenty year period.
There is an extensive history file with all MOT certificates present which indicate that the
66,150 miles may well be genuine and correct.
Many of the even rarer GT specifications are present including Power Disc Front Brakes,
Turn Signal Hood, Dual Exhaust and Front Grille Mounted Fog Lights which are great
additions to the White Power Operated Soft Top, Power Steering and fabulous Chrome
Wire Wheels all making up a stunning package!
At the wheel, the Mustang performs beautifully with effortless performance as a result of
the huge amount of low down torque it’s massive rebuilt engine produces.
The transmission shifts very smoothly and even four up and fully loaded this beautiful
Classic Mustang will pull on up and well beyond the U.K. legal speed limit, assuming you
are on a German Autobahn of course!

As Classic open top motoring goes it’s hard to imagine how more enjoyment could be
gained even behind the wheel of other Marques whose price tags are hundreds of
thousands higher than this fabulous Mustang.
With that being said it surely must represent a solid investment opportunity given it’s

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