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Ladies with Drive – Andrea Quirrenbach

Author Elise  |  29th January 2021

Ladies with Drive is back! This time, it’s interior designer, gyrocopter pilot (yes, you read that right) and Mustang enthusiast Andrea Quirrenbach who accepted our invitation to feature on this series.  A boss in all aspects of life, Andrea talks to us about the rollercoaster experience of purchasing a classic Ford Mustang without any prior research (!), throwing herself at everything in life and her most ...

How Much For a 1967 Eleanor Mustang?

Author Elise  |  16th December 2020

By Niamh Smith Reasons Behind The Madness There are not many movie cars as coveted and sought after as an Eleanor Ford Mustang, especially a 1967 Mustang fastback. It is one of the most famous and recognisable cars in cinematic history to muscle car fans all over the globe, and because of this cult fame, you can even now buy licensed replicas for a high price tag ...

The Facts of Rivalry: Ford V Ferrari Review

Author Elise  |  7th December 2020

By Niamh Smith Things I look for in a film: thrilling action that leaves me strapped into the driver’s seat, loveable characters that make me want to have a beer with them, and as a history buff I like a bit of historical context as well.  As a classic racing nerd, match those features with a storyline based on the true rivalry between Ford and Ferrari in ...

Owners’ Muscle Car Reviews UK—Charlie Fuller’s 1966 Mustang

Author Elise  |  2nd December 2020

Despite the abundance of car magazines and the multi-sensory overload of sophisticated websites dedicated to revelling in the glory that are classic V8 engines, few resources actually give people a sense of what it is to own and drive the car of your dreams every day. Websites are full of ads and reviews, forums are full of advice and opinions, while Youtube is full of cars ...

Lawman Mustangs and the 1970 Military Performance Tour

Author Elise  |  9th November 2020

By Charlie Fuller When I was invited to write for Muscle Car UK, I wanted to start with a bang. When I think about classic Mustangs and American muscle cars, this extraordinary story of American wartime solidarity always jumps to my mind. Picture the scene: it’s the late sixties and the Vietnam War is raging on with no end in sight.  At this time, there was a ...

Dodge Charger VS Chevy Camaro VS Ford Mustang – Which Is Better?

Author Elise  |  3rd November 2020

By Owen Pham Ever since the establishment of American muscle cars as a particular car category in the 1960s, many different muscle cars have been released to the market to draw petrol heads’ attention. Although the Ford Mustang has always been known as the most popular muscle car ever, there have been fierce rivals around this savage horse. But the closest competitors for Mustangs in terms ...

Ford Mustang Mach 1 – Classic Muscle Car Review 2020

Author Elise  |  26th October 2020

By Charlotte Iggulden  Mach 1: High speed, exceeding 1200 km/h or 750mph, enough to break the sound barrier. In the same year that Concorde hit the headlines, Ford’s Jet-Age-influenced Mach 1 performance package was officially launched, responding to a generation’s need for speed. In production from 1969-78, the popular Ford Mustang Mach 1 returned briefly in 2003-4 as part of the Ford Heritage program; its 2021 incarnation ...

Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 and GT500 – Classic Muscle Car Review

Author Elise  |  19th October 2020

By Charlotte Iggulden Few names conjure up the image of performance like Carroll Shelby. His involvement with the Mustang stands as probably the best marketing decision Ford Motor Company ever made, and a pivotal moment in the history of automobiles. The limited production 1965-68 Shelby Mustang performance cars, with their racing pedigree, helped define the golden era of muscle cars. The car’s winning streak has led to ...

Ford Mustang – Muscle Car Review 2020

Author Elise  |  13th October 2020

By Chris Williams Gazing out my window into the drizzle of an English afternoon, I find myself daydreaming about going for a drive.  Where? One of my favourite European roads, a little-known but wonderful stretch of country highway between Przemyśl and Sanok in southeast Poland. Which car? Today, I feel a familiar hankering for an old classic: the Ford Mustang, usually prompted by sight or sound like ...

Why Old Mustangs Remain The Most Iconic Muscle Cars

Author Elise  |  7th October 2020

By Charlotte Iggulden From their iconic American image and trailblazing origins to their unmistakably aggressive appearance, agility, and high-performing V8s, it’s not hard to see that classic old Mustangs remain legendary. But why? Let us count the ways: 5. Trailblazers: Old Mustangs Defined a Generation They were revolutionary. The brainchild of Lee Iacocca, the 1964-1973 Ford Mustang shared the goals and end results of the famous old Ford ...

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