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1967 Ford Mustang2 Door Coupe6.4 V8

Year of Manufacture: 1967
Body Type: Coupe
Engine Size: 6,400 cc 390 cu in 
Power BHP: 400 BHP
Gearbox Type: Automatic
Mileage shown: 368
Colour: Metallic Electric Blue – De-chromed
Options: Power steering, Power brakes, Automatic, genuine rare S code with the 390 engine.
Very Fast and Seriously Loud with many extras and upgrades.


1967 Ford Mustang Restomod. S Code 390 Coupe.


Metallic Electric Blue with Black Custom Interior.

6.9litres, Automatic, Limited Slip Differential, Power Steering, Power Disc …

Year of Manufacture: 1967
Body Type: Coupe
Engine Size: 4,700cc 289 cu in
Power BHP: 225 BHP
Gearbox Type: Manual
Mileage: 38167
Colour: Red 
Factory Options: GT Lamps & Console, Power Steering, Power Disc Front Brakes


This is a rare opportunity to buy a low owner Candy apple red 1967 ! V8 manual Coupe Mustang.

History of this car.
Built in Fords San Jose plant in California. It was first purchased in Los Angeles in June 1967 , by a Gentleman who …

1967 Ford Mustang2 Door Coupe4.9 V8

Year of Manufacture: 1967
Body Type: Coupe
Engine Size: 4,900cc 302 cu in
Power BHP: 251 BHP- at the wheels!
Gearbox Type: Automatic
Mileage: 56862
Colour: Lightning Yellow


67 Ford Mustang 302 Restomod Coupe. Automatic

Yellow with Black Custom Interior. 302 High Performance Motor with Crane Camshaft, Automatic Transmission with Reverse Valve Block Manual B & M Shifter Kit, Four Barrel Carburettor, Aluminium Intake Manifold, MSD Electronic Ignition, Power Steering, Power Disc Brakes, …

1967 Ford MustangConvertible4.7 V8

Year of Manufacture: 1967
Body Type: Convertible
Engine Size: 4,700cc 289 cu in
Power BHP: 225 BHP
Gearbox Type: Automatic
Mileage: 93,000 Warranted
Colour: Springtime Yellow
Factory Options: Power Steering, Power Brakes, Power Hood, (Film Car)


Springtime Yellow with Black Interior and Power Soft Top. Automatic Transmission, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Centre Console, Wood Rim Steering Wheel, Dual Exhaust with Twin Exit Pipes, GT Fog Lamps, Chrome “Style” Steel Wheels with White Side Band …

1967 Ford Mustang2 Door Coupe3.3L Straight 6

Year of Manufacture: 1966 
Body Type: Coupe
Engine Size: 3,300cc 201 cu in
Power BHP: 150 BHP
Gearbox Type: Automatic
Mileage: 43,267
Colour: Candy Apple Red

Interestingly this absolutely stunning Mustang was ordered, built and supplied in 1966 but is quite definitely a 67 model which must make it a very early production car in the new series of Muscle Cars produced by Ford.


Court Fox Ford in Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood ordered the …

1967 Ford Mustang2 Door Coupe283cu 4.7 V8

Year of Manufacture: 1967
Body Type: Coupe
Engine Size: 4,700cc 289 cu in
Power BHP: 225 BHP
Gearbox Type: Automatic
Mileage: 43,074
Colour: Arcadian Blue

Arcadian Blue Metallic with Two Tone Blue Bucket Seats. Sports Sprint Package, Automatic Transmission, Power Steering, Power Assisted Disc Front Brakes, Factory Air Conditioning, Centre Console, Polished Alloy American Racing Wheels with BF Goodrich Radial Tyres. Dual Exhausts Tinted Glass and Chrome Cill Mouldings.


Supplied by Chas Soderstrom Ford …

1967 Ford MustangConvertible289cu 4.7 V8

Here we have a 1967 Mustang convertible. This car comes with an extensive history file which is extremely rare with an American car of this age.


The car was built at the Ford plant in San Jose where it was scheduled for build on the 8th of March 1967. It was ordered through the Denver District and delivered to Courtesy Ford 5850 South Broadway, Littleton, Colorado.


They …

1967 Mustang

The competition is coming at you Ford!


Due to the unprecedented success of the 1965 and 1966 Ford Mustang, the other competing Manufacturers started to show their colours.


Chevrolet was about to introduce their Camaro, which become one of the all-time classic muscle cars. Others already launched were the Plymouth Barracuda, The Mercury Cougar, and the Pontiac Firebird.


This was the start of the true Muscle Car era. Ford looked at the offerings coming from their manufacturing competitors and decided to go with the trend of making the car bigger and faster. So, began the first major redesign of the original 1965 & ’66 car. They had to make it larger, so they could fit in a big block V8 engine. It’s widely considered, and we agree that this was the best classic mustang year which introduced the GT250 and established itself the king of the road!


Here are the differences between the 1966 and the 1967 exterior and interior dimensions.


Dimensions for 1966 to 1967 Ford Mustangs;


Year Length Width Height Weight
1966  181.6 ” (461.2 cm) 68.2 ” (173.2 cm) 51.1 ” (129.8 cm) 2640 lbs
1967  183.6 ” (466.3 cm) 70.9 ” (180.1 cm) 51.6 ” (131.0 cm) 2723 lbs


The wheelbase stayed the same at 108 inches (274.3 cm) and the headroom also stayed the same at 37.3 inches (94.7 cm) and finally, legroom was unchanged at 41.8 inches (106.1 cm).

Please note that for our taller and larger clients, leg room and the headroom can be modified significantly within our Classic Car Factory to extend the seat runners or lower the seats or different steering options also help.


Body style changes were also made from the ’66 to the ’67, here are a few of the more obvious changes, so that you can tell the difference at a glance.


  • The rear panel which houses the rear lights. On the earlier model, the panel is convex, and this was changed to a concave design. The rear lights also follow this design, so if you see a slight bend in the lights it is a 1967 Mustang.
  • Petrol cap, this part seems to change every year, the ’65 had three notches on the outside rim of the cap for easy gripping, this was changed on the 66 to a smoother ridged gripping area and on the 1967 Mustang, it was a little of both, three blades surrounded by ridging.
  • The quarter panel just before the rear wheels. The side scoop of the ’66 had three chrome horizontal sweeps this was discontinued, and a new twin air scoop painted in the same colour as the car was fitted. These were just for show and had no functionality.
  • Front-end changes. The gills which are located next to the headlights on the ’65/ ’66 are gone and the light bucket has more of a triangular edge to it. Making it look more pointed front end.
  • The grill changes again. The 1967 Mustang featured larger vertical and horizontal bars that worked their way out from the horse emblem in all four directions. The grille was also larger than the earlier cars.
  • The front track was also increased by 2.5 inches, although difficult to spot, all these front-end changes make the car have an increased muscular look to it.


The engine sizes remained with a couple of exceptions the 289 Hi-Po was discontinued other than in the GT model and replaced with the big block 390 A 6400CC engine V8 known as the S code. This engine was capable of 0-60 in 7.5 seconds and you can imagine what it must have sounded like! Just over 28,800 cars had this bigger V8 engine fitted in 1967. The top speed of the Ford Mustang fastback was 115 mph.


Interior differences were very similar to the earlier ford classic Mustang cars. The biggest update was to the instrument cluster, the five gauges were enlarged in the Mustang dash, which made it much easier to read. The options list was still as large as before, including a dash kit, air-cooled, dual clutch and more Mustang colours to choose from, including Oxford White and yes lime gold. A few new exciting ideas were also provided by Ford too, yes you guessed it, they wanted you to spend more of your hard earned money.


  • A tilt-away steering wheel column
  • A convenience Panel, illuminated lights for the parking brake, low fuel, seat belts alerts, and door ajar
  • Cruise Control
  • Tachometer and Trip odometer.


The pony embossed seats were discontinued and replaced with additional interior trim and Mustang colour options, with the ability to opt out of the wood finishes and get brushed aluminium instead of the glove box cover and the gauge surround. Many of the new model changes were showcased at the Detroit Auto Show, including the bigger Shelby GT350 and iconic 1967 Ford Mustang fastback.



The production figures were still down on the 1965 Ford Mustang but still very impressive in light of the new competition around.


Sales for the 1967 Ford Mustang are as follows:


1967 Mustang Model Production Units Sold in the USA
Hardtop standard    325,853
Hardtop luxury 22,228
Hardtop bench seats 8,190
Convertible standard 38,751
Convertible luxury 4,848
Convertible bench seats 1,209
Fastback standard 53,651
Fastback luxury 17,391


Shelby carried on building the 1967 fastback with the GT350 using the k code Hi-Po engine. Although Ford and Carroll Shelby introduced the GT500 with a Ford Cobra 428cu in 7000cc V8, this had a 0-60 of 5.7 seconds.


Fibreglass was used for the bonnet back panel to reduce weight and other areas to keep that weight down and performance up. Soon after this, due to financial problems, Ford took over the development of the Shelby cars. This is a very brief review of the Shelby Mustangs as whole books have been written on the subject. But as it was an important part of the Mustang history it had to be mentioned.


1967 Ford Mustang in the Movies


The second most famous Shelby American Mustang to be a Movie Star is a 1967 modified Ford Shelby GT500 called “Eleanor” in the Film called “Gone in 60 seconds”. It also stars Nicholas Cage who is a car thief. All filmed around Los Angeles and Long Beach California. I do not wish to spoil the plot, but it must be viewed if you are interested in Classic Mustangs.


The car chase is amazing!


One of the cars used in the making of “Gone in 60 seconds” was sold for over $1,000,000 US dollars in 2013 and I can only wonder what would it be worth now. This high-quality car has made such an impression that £150,000£200,000 replicas are still being made, nineteen years after the film!


Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift” is the third instalment of the franchise and features a 1967 Fastback in highland green. This car has been severally upgraded but even, so it takes on all the Japanese GTRs. These Movies are not made just made for older guys it shows that these Classic Mustangs are loved over every age group and whether you are ten years old or 90, people understand the Mustang Magic! So when a client asks me about the future prices of the classic Mustangs, I happily tell them there is only one way they will go!!

Here are a few famous owners of the 1967 Ford Mustang:


  • Jim Morrison who was the front man for the” DOORS” was bought a 1967 GT500 from Electra Records.
  • President Bill Clinton owned a 1967 Ford Mustang Convertible in light blue with white interior.
  • Actor Kellan Lutz of Twilight Saga owns a 1967 Ford Shelby GT500.


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