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Our Latest Trip to Tucson To Find A Beautiful Mustang!

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Our Latest Trip to Tucson To Find A Beautiful Mustang!

Author Harrison  |  11th November 2019

We thought we’d show you the lengths we go to in order to find quality Mustangs. Adrian our Director is based in Arizona, he gives us regular updates on how the weather is over there and occasionally the Mustangs he finds!!! This year Adrian has clocked up over 76,000 miles finding our stock and the year is not finished yet. Here is what he reported ...

Muscle Car UK: How We Find Our Mustangs!

Author Harrison  |  7th November 2019

 So, with arrangements made to view several cars in Yuma and California we left the southern exit to the Ranch where our office is based in AZ and headed out to the sr303 which links with the I-10 heading to Los Angeles.  The 303 runs south towards South Mountain, where some of the oldest rocks on the planet can be found. We are heading to Yuma a ...

Top 5 All-time Mustang Movies 

Author Harrison  |  21st October 2019

Since hitting the production line in the 60s Ford Mustang’s have become one of the worlds most recognisable motor cars, with millions of mustangs sold worldwide. Its no surprise that these iconic motor cars have found their way into Hollywood productions over the years. Here we have listed the  most influential movies that have helped Fords Mustang become the iconic car we know and love!  5. ...

Muscle Car UK – Classic Car Restoration & Servicing

Author Harrison  |  24th September 2019

Here at Muscle Car UK/Pilgrim Motorsports we have a state of the art classic car servicing and restoration centre at our factory premises in the heart of rural West Sussex. We offer a wide range of services catered for all types of car restoration and servicing you may require. We have been servicing and restoring classic cars for over 30 years, and have worked on hundred ...

UK’s Biggest Mustang Dealership

Author Harrison  |  11th August 2019

Muscle Car UK are the biggest classic Ford Mustang dealership in the UK, with up top 40 classic Mustangs on offer at certain times of the year. Muscle Car Uk is owned by the well known Pilgrim Motorsports. Pilgrim Motorsports have been active in the classic car industry for over thirty-three years, and boast forty plus years of experience in car manufacturing, classic car restoration ...

The History behind Ford Mustang

Author Harrison  |  19th July 2019

The Ford Mustang is an American car manufactured by the legendary Ford. Ford Mustangs hit the production line at the Ford factory In 1964, although the mustang was being sold as the 1965 model. The driving force behind the idea of the Ford Mustang was the assistant GM of Ford Motorcars at the time, Lee Lacocca. His first vision of the Mustang was a concept car back ...

The World’s Most Expensive Ford Mustang Sells At Auction… Smashing The Previous Record!

Author Harrison  |  10th June 2019

This 1967 Shelby GT500 Super Snake is the most expensive Mustang ever sold at auction. The previous record stood at $1.3 million, set by the same very car when it was sold back in 2013. This one of a kind 1967 Shelby GT500 Super Snake went back up for auction again in January 2019 in Florida, US.  Experts predicted the super rare Mustang would fetch around $1 million ...

Muscle Car UK: The Home of classic Ford Mustang

Author Harrison  |  1st May 2019

We are a leading classic Ford Mustang import and export company, owned by Pilgrim Motorsports based in Henfield, West Sussex, South East England. We have been trading for over thirty-three years and boast forty plus years of experience in car manufacturing, classic car restoration & servicing. After a life long love affair with American muscle cars we have been lucky to turn our passion into a ...

The Classic Dodge Challenger – Five Legendary Years

Author Jon Skinner  |  18th March 2019

The Dodge Challenger is the legendary automobiles whose life span is stretched over three generations. The first generation spanned from 1970 to 1974. The second generation stretched from 1978 to 1983. The latest third generation is spanned from 2008 to the present day.    Today, we will discuss in detail about the first generation of legendary Dodge Challenger (1970 to 1974). It is classified as a ...

The 1961-1969 Chevy Impala SS

Author Jon Skinner  |  9th March 2019

1961 will be fondly remembered by many as a year that featured many great events, including: John F Kennedy became the 35th President of the United States of America Yuri Gagarin becomes the first human in space, having orbited the Earth once The “Ken” doll is released in the United States, providing Barbie with her first boyfriend The Peace Corps was established The Berlin Wall was built, signifying the divide ...

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