1965 Ford Mustang V8 Convertible, SOLD - Muscle Car

1965 Ford Mustang V8 Convertible, SOLD

1965 Ford Mustang V8 Convertible, SOLD


This Mustang was built in Ford’s San Jose Factory in California. Its projected build date was 15th of June 1965. The Mustang comes with a large folder and photos graphs of the restoration. Within this folder are two letters from previous owners describing the restoration and the purchase of the car. It started life dressed in Ivy green with a black standard interior. In one of these letters Mr Richard Hayslip of Ohio described process buying it from a Mr Mike Woodruff who was the second owner who stated that the Mustang had lived its life in California and Arizona up to 1989.Mr Hayslip was a Mustang man having owned five or six, even using a 68 coupe for work previously. He wanted to restore this solid car to its former glory. In the file there are ample photographs showing his restoration, which was done by Kars auto group Columbus Ohio. Fifteen years later the Mustang was purchased by a Mr R . Green of London, and this fabulous Mustang was on its way across the pond. It seems that Mr Green owned the Mustang until 2011 when Bill Shepard Mustang sold it to another Gentleman from Cheam, it is believed that the Mustang was resprayed again by Bill Shepards Mustang prior to sale. Which does make sense as the paintwork is very good. The Mustang has arrived to us through a client’s collection as space is needed.
This Mustang’s coachwork is outstanding in metallic burgundy wine which contrasts beautifully with the palomino “pony” upholstery. It has the GT spotlights within the front grille. You can also see it has the “rally pack “the rev counter and clock attached to the steering column, which was only available on the GT model. The steering is power assisted, and the brakes are discs to the front. The convertible top is electrically operated.
Inside it is very well appointed with the pony seats with head restraints, centre console, a modern retro looking radio, new mustang over mats and the deluxe door trims which have the illuminating courtesy lights and chrome surrounds. Sitting in the car gives a wonderful feeling of comfort and class.
The engine is an A code which is a 289 with a four-barrel carburettor, which gives it that little extra power to enjoy long distance runs and faster getaways! This is matched to a four-speed manual gearbox, giving it that drivers feel.

The magnum style wheels with the white band tyres just finishes the overall appearance.

The file with this Mustang has a great deal of history within it from earlier days to more recent work. It certainly is one of the best available in the U.K. today.

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