66 Ford Mustang Auto Convertible JUST SOLD - Muscle Car

66 Ford Mustang Auto Convertible JUST SOLD

66 Ford Mustang Auto Convertible JUST SOLD

Ford Mustang 19662 Door Convertible3.3L

66 Ford Mustang Auto Convertible

Chassis # 6T08T214829


  • Wimbledon White
  • Black Soft Top and Carpets with contrasting Red Seats
  • Full Centre Console
  • Chrome Wire Wheel Hub Caps
  • Dual Exhaust with Chrome Headers.



Travelling around the city of Fresno and checking out the local ads in our quest for Mustangs, we came across an interesting car lot literally covered with all manner of classic cars. Sitting almost hidden under an old cover, for example, was what appeared to be a yellow 1972 Mach 1.


We decided to drive in and see if anyone was around. Immediately, a charming Sikh gentleman appeared from inside the showroom and asked if he could help.


I explained that we were looking to buy Mustangs of excellent condition. He introduced himself as Brinder and before long we were deep in conversation, looking at dozens of images of Mustangs that he and his father had bought and sold from their amazingly quirky sales lot.


Interesting coincidence: Brinder and his family emigrated from London to California 20 years ago, having once lived in our home town of Brighton!


He introduced us to he equally charming father who showed us the yellow Mustang under the cover, which turned out to be a 1072 351 C Convertible that had been ordered new with the full Mach 1 spec.


We also learned the sad story of a local Mustang specialist, Matt, who held the Mustang Ranch on a local trading estate next to the railroad, whose entire business built up over 30 years was lost in a fire started by a hobo arsonist.


Matt lost his own collection of rare Mustangs, including a 429 Mach 1 and two Shelby’s, as well as several customers’ cars. The insurance payout left a big gap but Matt received help from a close friend. They swapped the burnt-out factory unit and Matt’s private residence for a purpose-built restoration workshop and magnificent mountain home in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, where the Mustang Ranch reopened.


We made contact with Matt and arranged to meet up that afternoon, where we found this lovely little pony convertible.


Matt explained he had bought the Mustang from a collector in California along with two Fastbacks and that it had been in a private garage for many years.


The overall condition of the body, soft top and trim fitted our criteria and we were able to agree a purchase with a little friendly haggling.


Matt very kindly offered us the use of the guest suite of his own home, so we invited him to join us for a meal at his favourite Mexican restaurant in exchange. Spontaneous moments like those are usually the best. We left delighted with our new friends and new Californian Mustang.




We fitted a special set of headers mated to a Mustang V8 dual exhaust system, giving the 3.3 litre 6 a gorgeous rumble very similar to an Austin Healy 3000 “On Song”.


The unusual interior is in superb condition and the colours work really well together. The joy of economical cruising with the perfect soft top down is none finer in this classic Mustang pony.


Paint, body and trim are outstanding and the chrome wire basket wheel covers glinting in the sun add a touch of American Style only to be had with  60’s Classic Mustangs.


UCA676D is registered for UK road use. All UK import taxes have been paid.


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