1979 Chevrolet Corvette Targa C3 350 JUST SOLD - Muscle Car

1979 Chevrolet Corvette Targa C3 350 JUST SOLD

1979 Chevrolet Corvette Targa C3 350 JUST SOLD

1979 Chevrolet Corvette2 Door 5.7L V8 350cu in.

  • Automatic,
  • Targa Roof,
  • Air Conditioning,
  • Low original Miles 86k

The 1979 model year would be the best in Corvette history to date, with huge 53,807 units produced. This is an example of one those Corvettes. Rarely do we find one in this condition and low mileage of 86, 342. We found this Corvette in Mesa, Arizona in 2015. Its long-time owner Julie Mischke and enjoyed the car but the grandchildren (teenagers) were getting too large for the back, and something more “boring” had to be the replacement. She signed for the genuine mileage on the American title, making this what is called an “A” box mileage car. She recounted many stories of her and her Husband driving the Corvette with the Targa roofs off and enjoying the sunshine on their way to California.

Immediately this car arrived we sold it to a local car enthusiast for his collection of American cars. Now he has decided to thin down his group after a back operation and the Corvette he found he wasn’t using as much as it deserved. The car comes with a large file of bills and maintenance invoices. We have looked after this car for the last five years, and any work needed would be done without hesitation. The drive of this Corvette is very tight, which confirms the low mileage and the maintenance performed on it. The bodywork is stunning, and the contrasting blue leather interior is also in good condition for its age. The automatic gearbox is smooth through the gears, and the power steering makes this a very comfortable drive. The car also has Air Conditioning fitted and electric windows. It sits on the original large slot alloys/chrome, shod with Firestone white letter tyres.

As the Corvette is classified as historical, therefore no road fund licence payable; also the car is exempt from MOT. Insurance on these cars tend to be inexpensive, usually circa £250-£300 per annum, subject to age etc.

If you are looking for an un-abused original Corvette, this has to be a high contender.

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