1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442 Convertible. - Muscle Car

1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442 Convertible.

1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442 Convertible.

Olsmobile Cutlass2 Door Convertible400 cu

1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442 Convertible.


Cameo White with Gold Bonnet Stipes, Gold Bucket Seat Interior, 400 Cubic Inch V8 with TH400 Automatic Transmission, Power Steering, Power Front Disc Brakes, Power Operated Soft Top, SS1 Rallye Chrome Wheels, BF Goodrich Radial Tyres, Dual Exhaust with Chrome “Trumpet” Tips.


Oldsmobile offered the 442 package from 1964 on their F85 and Cutlass models using performance parts from their “Police Apprehenders” parts bins and the 442 options became available on all but the Wagons (Estate Cars). 

It’s concept was as an option to the very popular Pontiac GTO and the 442 became a model in its own right from 1968.

Under the bonnet in 1968 was the standard 400 cu in 369 BHP V8 motor, a 350 called the “Ram Rod” also became available and a high performance 390 BHP 455 V8 from the Olds Toronado was also an option for those looking to really smoke those tyres!

By 1969 the 400 motor was producing 325 BHP and was optioned with either 3 or 4 speed manual or automatic 3 speed transmission.

Not much changed in the new model except a restyled grille and taillights and like the Chevy Camaro of the same period, the quarter light windows were dropped in favour of a single piece of glass. 

Steering lock and front head restraints were added along with revised door panels for 1969.

Twin bonnet stripes were now available which looked absolutely correct on the new bonnet bulges.

The disc calipers received upgrades and the exhaust manifolds featured a centre division.


Oldsmobile built these cars to make a “Muscle Car” with real performance available to their buyers during the Golden Age of American Muscle Cars, these cars are now recognised as part of that rich history when fuel was cheap and to go faster you just made the motor bigger!

They are now highly sought after and extremely rare in Europe. 

This example was brought to the U.K. by a US Navy officer back in the day, a fact we learned from a fascinating article about this actual car, published in Classic American which details much of the cars history.

A copy of the magazine and a photographic record of the 2013 restoration come with the vehicle.

A host of information and confirmation of the work carried out is contained in the article which states the motor and transmission were rebuilt at the time, including modified heads to run on unleaded fuel and a competition 274H camshaft.

This modification is made evident by the “Lopey” tick over and amazing acceleration that this Muscle Car provides.

Whilst the body is larger than a Mustang with a longer wheelbase which provides superb ride quality and comfort the car is no bigger than most large modern saloons, unlike the Ford ThunderBirds and Galaxies from the same period which are very much longer.


The body and paint are in excellent condition and outstandingly straight, the details of the body restoration are catalogued in the article mentioned above and on inspection the separate chassis frame is absolutely solid. 

Originality and a lovely patina exude from the interior which is completed with a replacement cloth Soft Top fitted during the restoration.


Whilst this lovely Olds is a step away from our usual Mustang range it represents a rare opportunity to acquire a true Muscle Car with a fascinating history and a link to that Golden Age of brute power.


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