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Ford Mustang Tuning, Performance Parts & Upgrades UK

Performance parts, upgrades, accessories, tuning, modifications and service for modern Ford Mustangs.


As well as selling and servicing classic Mustangs, Muscle Car UK offer performance parts, upgrades, accessories, tuning, modifications and service for modern Ford Mustangs, including the S550 Mustang introduced in 2015.


If you have a newer or earlier Mustang model, such as the new Ford GT models, the 1994-2004 SN-95 Fourth Generation or 2005-2014 S-197 Fifth Generation, we are happy to take a look as well.


We offer a full range of upgrades, including all bodywork, in the form of full-body kits, spoilers, bonnet scoops, grilles, and air ducts. We can also provide mechanical upgrades, although we recommend getting in touch to discuss your requirements so we can order the relevant pieces in advance.


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Established Providers of Performance Car Parts


We are authorised installers and distributors for STEEDA and NEMESIS. We also work with several other brands and manufacturers to provide the best possible parts for your car customisation. These include:

  •   STEEDA


We also work with specialised aftermarket brands for specific components. These include:


  •   WILWOOD Brakes
  •   BORLA Exhausts
  •   EIBACH Suspension Systems
  •   PEDDERS Suspension
  •   HOLLEY
  •   MAGNAFLOW Exhausts
  •   Edelbrock Performance Parts
  •   Airaid Induction Systems
  •   McLeod Driveline Components


Modern Mustang Accessories, Tuning & Upgrades

Modern Ford Mustangs are not what you would call a standard car, but you’ll find that tuning packages are popular for a reason. To up the ante on your Mustang’s performance and power, the mechanical upgrades we offer include:


  •   Mustang Superchargers UK
  •    Mustang Engine Tuning UK
  •   Suspension set-up and upgrades
  •   Active exhaust systems
  •   Brake upgrades





Mustang Modification Specialists UK


Our workshop is staffed by seasoned experts who specialise in Ford Mustangs of all model years from ’69 to S550. We have a state-of-the art paint and body shop with our own specialists at each stage. Once the parts are ordered, everything is done in-house by our trusted mechanics.


Try before you buy! Our demonstration car (pictured on the left) is 1000 bhp and the fastest road-going S550 in the UK. Fully loaded with all mechanical upgrades. Feel the difference for yourself! Get in touch and book a visit to our factory near Henfield. We’d love to show you around.


UK Pickup & Delivery Available


We offer a fantastic pickup and delivery option. It’s free—you just pay for fuel. Covered and non-covered transport available across the UK.


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More About Modern Ford Mustangs


(Full article on our blog.)

Shelby GT350 (2015-2020)


The 2015 Ford Mustang GT350 featured a 5.2-litre V8 with 526 horsepower Flat Plane Crank. Compared to its GT500 sibling, the car was more track-oriented. The GT 350 was a potent competitor to some German greats like Mercedes-Benz E63 and BMW M4.


The 2015 GT 350 came with a racetrack-oriented suspension setup, cross-drilled brake rotors paired with Brembo callipers, a lightweight Tremec TR-3160 6-speed manual transmission and aerodynamic modifications that included lowering the hood around the engine. There was also a carbon fibre reinforced polymer radiator support that routed cooling ducts for various components.


Navigation system, rear backup sensors/camera, security system, larger alloy wheels, Shaker-Pro Surround Sound Premium System, blind-spot monitoring, and some other additional options were also available for the car.


With an indirect successor, namely the Mach 1 (which will be coming to the UK), in its arsenal, Ford decided to put production of the GT350 model on hold in 2021 in favour of the GT500, at least for a while.


Shelby GT 500 (2020)


You haven’t seen this model since the first half of the last decade. Last year, the GT500 was brought back to life; the result is an indomitable beast. With a whopping 760 horsepower and 623 lb-ft of torque, the 2020 Shelby GT 500 is a drag strip stunner. Its massive supercharged V8 engine is mated exclusively to a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and a supercar-like sprint from 0 to 60 in just 3.3 seconds, similar to the Camaro ZL1.


With its sweeping, angular lines, the car is a real looker, making it hard to mistake it for anything else. The front end houses aggressive cladding as well as splitters that make it clear that downforce and air ducting are the main styling objectives. 


Modern Ford Mustang: Engine Options


Initially, a standard 3.7-liter aluminium-cyclone V6 with 300 horsepower was available, along with optional 2.3-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engines with 310 horsepower (EcoBoost) and 5.0-litre V8 Coyote engines. After the 2017 model year, the V6 engines were discontinued; the EcoBoost became the only standard engine.


The 2.3 four-cylinder EcoBoost was a relatively new ingredient in the Mustang recipe. The engine produced 310 horsepower and up to 320 pound-feet of torque. However, this wasn’t a first for Ford. Starting in 1974, Mustangs had standard 4-cylinder base engines under the bonnet for nearly two decades. In addition, from 1984-1986, Ford Mustang SVO models were offered with turbocharged 4-cylinder engines.


The Voodoo is an upgraded version of the V8 beast engine developed for the 2018 Shelby Mustang GT 350. Valves and dual injection were increased in size, and there were upgraded intake runners. Coyote has another more powerful derivative: Predator. The engine is the beating heart of the 2020 Shelby GT500. The 760-horsepower, 5.2-liter aluminium alloy V8 features a cross-plane crank and a 2.65-litre Roots-Type Eaton supercharger.


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This Mustang started life coming of the Ford Production line in San Jose CA. It was sold by Howard Motor Company of Seattle on the 14/01/1966 to Mr Jack Morgan of Linden Avenue Seattle.
This stunning Mustang was purchased by us, from Mr Anor of Temecula, California several years ago. As he stated he wanted to find a “rock-solid example” to build the dream Mustang. He …

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