1966 Ford Mustang High-Spec Restomod - Muscle Car

1966 Ford Mustang High-Spec Restomod

1966 Ford Mustang High-Spec Restomod


This Mustang started life coming of the Ford Production line in San Jose CA. It was sold by Howard Motor Company of Seattle on the 14/01/1966 to Mr Jack Morgan of Linden Avenue Seattle.
This stunning Mustang was purchased by us, from Mr Anor of Temecula, California several years ago. As he stated he wanted to find a “rock-solid example” to build the dream Mustang. He found the ideal candidate belonging to Mr T Wertz of San Diego California. With in the car folder, there is an appraisal before his purchase, with photographs showing how stunning it was before his ownership. Being originally a six-cylinder T code car, which is the preference for people who are going to build a larger V8 edition. As the bodies were not put under, any undue stress over the years. In October 2017 Mr Anor spent over $20,000 dollars upgrading the engine a to a Ford 351 V8 Windsor, within this large bill there were many other upgrades.
After we imported the Mustang, it was solid to one of our clients, who really ran with the idea. He decided to upgrade many of the parts below spending over £20,000 on the mechanical side of the car. The Mustang was mainly used for shows and at the “sporting bears charity drive days”.
1)The engine is a Ford 351 stroked to 407, V8
2) Brakes have been upgraded with four piston Willwood set up all round.
3) Front and Rear Ridetech coil-over fully adjustable suspension.
4) Electric Power Steering.
5) Billet Serpentine Belt system
6) Upgraded automatic gearbox with B+M shifter
There are further extras which have been purchased, to many to mention here. Also supplied with the original hand book and Ford manual for good drivers!
If you are in the market for a fully upgraded 1966 Mustang, then this may be the one.

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