1968 Ford Mustang 302 High Specification Survivor, Very Rare J Code - Muscle Car

1968 Ford Mustang 302 High Specification Survivor, Very Rare J Code

1968 Ford Mustang 302 High Specification Survivor, Very Rare J Code

Ford Mustang2 Door Coupe4.9L V8

1968 Ford Mustang 302 High Specification Survivor, Very Rare J Code

1968 Ford Mustang2 Door Coupe4.9 V8

1968 Ford Mustang 302 High Spec

Year of Manufacture: 1968
Body Type: Coupe
Engine Size: 4,900cc 302 cu in 
Power BHP: 225 BHP
Gearbox Type: Automatic
Mileage shown: 46,157
Colour: Wimbledon White
Options: Power steering, Power Disc brakes, Automatic, Torq thrust alloys, Center console, Roof console, Deluxe interior.


1968 Ford Mustang 302 J Code Coupe.




Wimbledon White with Black Deluxe Interior. Automatic Transmission, Power Steering, Power Disc Front Brakes, Factory Air Conditioning, Centre Console, Roof Console, Dual Exhausts, Original Radio & Modern Stereo, Torq Thrust D Series Alloy Wheels. BF Goodrich T/A Radials.


The Napa Valley in Northern California has a micro-climate known worldwide to produce some of the finest wines, its temperature variance from day to night and the dry air are what gives the special flavours only found in Napa Wines.

It is this same wonderful climate that has preserved this 302 J Code Mustang in such original and perfectly sound structural order.


J Code Mustangs are a one year only production car featuring the 302 V8 with a factory Four Barrel Carburettor which produces a surprisingly healthy and smooth power output.

Interestingly there is a strong connection between this Classic Mustang and the Napa wine region as Martin Tyler the last Owner was himself a winegrower.


His father had found the Muscle Car on display in the local Napa Ford dealership where it had been on display as part of the owners’ collection.

Needing something to present to his son as a reward for graduating High School he bought the Mustang and gave it to Martin who used it during his University studies and then kept it as a cherished weekend cruiser.


Being the last year of production for this Pony Style Mustang, Ford included a very high level of specification and this example is just such a car, built at San Jose in California, packed with extras and boasting pretty much everything that was available at the time of production.


Martin explained that he was the third owner of the car and had only decided to sell because his work commitments now meant he had no time to enjoy the car.

So after a very enjoyable test drive through the stunningly beautiful Napa region we were delighted to buy the car, in fact, it performed so well that we decided to drive it over 500 miles to our shippers in Long Beach. Taking us across the wetlands south of Napa and east of San Francisco heading south towards Los Angeles each mile instilled more confidence in this great “Survivor” car.


Other drivers seem to revel in the Mustang’s presence and so many smiles and waves make for a great deal of fun and a great sense of pride, we really enjoyed the drive which with an overnight stop in Hanford, passed without incident and we are sure that future journeys made by the next custodian will be equally trouble-free and enjoyable, could that be you?


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