Ford Mustang 1967 Coupe 289 High Performance - Muscle Car

Ford Mustang 1967 Coupe 289 High Performance

Ford Mustang 1967 Coupe 289 High Performance

Ford Mustang 19672 Door COUPE4.7L V8

Ford Mustang 1967 Coupe 289 High Performance

2 Door Coupe4.7L V8
Vin# 7R01C100929

Eleanor Silver Grey Metallic
Black Bucket Seat Interior
Automatic Transmission
Power Disc Brakes
High Performance 289 V
Flaming River Direct Steering
Lowered Suspension
3.31 Ford 9” Rear End.
Restoration and Upkeep:
Finding this outstanding Mustang for sale in Menifee Southern California led to another one of those stories involving a passionate owner and genuinely great guy who simply could not keep it due to unfortunate circumstances.

Michael, the owner of this extremely well restored 1967 coupe, actually wrote a short description of the work he had done to the car:

The vehicle was stripped down to shell and placed on a rotisserie. Inside and underside of the car was stripped and no corrosion found. The interior and underside were painted in POR 15 then sprayed with Lizard Skin on both the interior and underside of the car.

Once complete the car went out for body and paint. We replaced the damaged radiator support panel, stripped the engine compartment completely and painted the prepared shell and panels in its custom Eleanor Silver Grey.

After the painting was when the real fun began.

The Factory Ford 9” Rear End was sent to Curry Enterprises in Yoruba Linda CA for a complete rebuild and powder coating. The gearing is currently 3:31 for highway driving.

As a muscle car enthusiast himself, Michael understands the importance of the past behind any classic car to appreciate its legacy. He kindly presented us with a written history of his 1967 Mustang coupe, along with a photographic record of the restoration, several show trophies and a framed painting of the car, all of which will be handed onto its new owner.

“I discovered this car in 2008 while sitting at a red light. It pulled up next to me with a For Sale sign in the window. I followed the owner and discovered it was an original Ford Mustang 1967 Coupe 289 Californian car; their family were the original and only owners from new.

The owner’s aunt had bought the car brand-new in Orange, CA and drove it for years until it needed repairs, at which point she parked it in her garage. Given the car, her nephew fixed it up and drove it through his high school years, later keeping in the garage for several decades until he got married. He then chose to restore it, both his son and daughter eventually driving the car through their own high school years. Going through a divorce later drove him to sell the car.

I immediately bought this fabulous classic Mustang and enjoyed driving it from time to time, until 2010 when I decided to take care of the few dents and repaint the car. One thing led to another and I ended up completely disassembling the car, ending up with a four-year long restoration.

There is a lot of love in this car. Many family members and friends donated their time, skills and money to help me restore it. I have lost count of the dollars, time and favours that have gone into this machine.

After the restoration in 2014 I entered the car several times in local shows and won several awards. I very much enjoyed driving and taking care of my Mustang, until my brother and best friend, who had assisted in the restoration every inch of the way, was killed in a motorcycle accident.

Since his passing on 09/11/2018, I have not been able to fully enjoy this beautiful machine. I left it sitting covered over in my garage on trickle charge, driving it only briefly every month to keep it exercised.

Ultimately I decided to part ways with it in an attempt to move forward in life. I can only hope that whoever purchases it continues to love and enjoy the car for many decades moving forward.

From my garage to yours… I pray and hope that she brings much enjoyment to you and your family


The Burnaz Family.”

What more can we say? Thank you and best wishes, Michael.

This High-Performance Ford Mustang 1967 Coupe 289 is now available for your viewing and approval.

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