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How to Stop Your Classic Car Overheating in Winter

Author Elise  |  15th February 2021

By Owen Pham There are many reasons why your car might overheat, even in winter. Yes, engines usually overheat during the warmer months and usually at the moment inconvenient times and places possible (see Charlie’s account of Nostalgia Super Stock), but it can happen all year. A car overheating has to do more with the inner ecosystem of your vehicle than the temperature outside. The choices you ...

5 Common Mustang Problems And How To Fix Them

Author Elise  |  25th January 2021

By Owen Pham Being the longest-produced nameplate in the Ford Motor Company, the mighty Mustang needs no introduction. You don’t even have to be a car enthusiast to have heard about the Mustang. It was introduced in April 1964 and went on to have its ten-millionth unit produced in 2018. It is a much-venerated American muscle car.  Check out 5 reasons classic Mustangs make the best muscle ...

7 Classic Car Restoration Tips From UK Mustang Specialists

Author Elise  |  27th November 2020

By Charlotte Iggulden Have you ever been transfixed watching a car restoration project on TV, where a seemingly unsalvageable antique vehicle or classic muscle car was transformed into its original condition? If so, you might want to consider a hands-on restoration project yourself. Classic car restoration shows are ideal resources for beginners and experts alike to gain practical knowledge from experienced mechanics. With the ongoing popularity of restoring ...

Best Classic Car Storage Tips For Winter

Author Elise  |  16th November 2020

By Owen Pham A vintage car’s exterior, interior, and mechanical health are what make it appealing to enthusiasts. Therefore, it’s natural and necessary for anyone who owns a classic car and enjoys driving it to seek the best ways to keep their vehicle properly.  Although driving classic cars can be very pleasant, sometimes a classic car should not be driven for safety reasons. Knowing how to prepare ...

How to Increase The Value of Modified Muscle Cars

Author Elise  |  5th November 2020

By Charlotte Iggulden Restomods and Number-Matching: How much should you modify a classic American muscle car? To restore or modify is the heated and eternal debate to many muscle car enthusiasts.  Sixties muscle cars were bought based on their performance. They were built to spec for hot rods and professionals alike; their raison d’être was work during the week and drag-strip in the weekend. It was all about ...

How to Buy the Right Classic Car For You In the UK

Author Elise  |  22nd October 2020

By Owen Pham How To Buy Classic Cars In The UK That Are Right For You When a young gearhead watches films and TV shows featuring flamboyant vintage cars, they might imagine themselves driving such cars on a beautiful summer evening. But not all classic car fans are young; many older people in their 50s or 60s have unforgettable memories of their childhood or teen years in classic ...

Everything You Need to Know About Classic Car Financing in the UK

Author Elise  |  5th October 2020

By Charlotte Iggulden Classic cars provoke strong, emotional reactions in car enthusiasts and casual onlookers alike. Owning a classic car can be incredibly rewarding; not just for the monetary value, but rather for the pleasure of driving a historical vehicle that has a unique character. My family has always had an interest in all things automobile-related, especially classic cars. Over the years, my father has owned numerous ...

Tips on How To Prepare Your Car For Summer

Author Elise  |  15th June 2020

Modern cars do need regular care, but with classics it’s absolutely vital. Usually the big baddy of nature for anything mechanical is winter. With salt on the roads, chilly humidity, and few chances to go zooming down the road to show off, many cars are somewhat the worse for wear come March. Especially this year! However, to prepare your car for summer is important as ...

Six Tips and Buying Criteria Of An Expert

Author Elise  |  25th May 2020

An expert in buying classic Ford Mustangs and renowned classic car restorer, our very own Adrian Hewetson offers tips and buying criteria you should look (out) for when shopping for a classic. Or indeed any car. It often takes Adrian hours or even days to drive to the cars he wants to view in Arizona, but he only ever buys the cars that match Muscle Car ...

How To Avoid Getting Scammed in America

Author Elise  |  18th May 2020

How To Avoid Getting Scammed When Buying Cars One of the most common and justified worries of entering the motorsports community even as an enthusiast is a fear of getting scammed. America especially is rife with clever and experienced scammers. They can spin you a tale of woe and excuses to make you buy their (inexistent) car right then and there without so much as a ...

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