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Owner’s Review and Roadtrip Preparation—Jonathan Bee

Author Elise  |  5th February 2021

In this blog series, MCUK interviews the owners of classic muscle cars. We sometimes discuss the cars themselves and their performance, but also the memories they create and how muscle cars fit in our busy modern lifestyles. Joining us this week is Jonathan Bee, an ex-RAF civil servant with a 1965 Ford Mustang. He tells us about his roadtrips in the US and Europe, along with ...

Muscle Car UK in Top 5 of Car Dealer Awards!

Author Elise  |  18th January 2021

Muscle Car UK is delighted to announce that our Managing Director Paul Bennett was shortlisted in the Car Dealer Awards! Paul has been in the business for over thirty years, during which purchasing Pilgrim Motorsports and bringing Muscle Car UK into being were just two of his notable achievements in the field.  If Paul is about one thing, it’s cars and their essence. His ability to communicate ...

Drag Racing in the UK—Nostalgia Super Stock

Author Elise  |  13th January 2021

By Charlie Fuller In 2019 I had one goal. It was to buy my dream car: a classic 1966 Ford Mustang. I hunted everywhere, from shows to dealers and online. I was convinced that Mopar Euro Nationals was going to be the place. Ultimately, I found mine on eBay and it was only 40 miles away.  Later that year I joined The Watts Shop Facebook group, where ...

Muscle Car UK’s Baby Driver Film Review

Author Elise  |  11th January 2021

By Niamh Smith When I first walked out of the cinema after seeing Baby Driver, I immediately declared it my new favourite film. The combination of an amazing soundtrack, perfect for an old soul like me, along with engine-revving high-action scenes just made for such a good watch, so much so that I went and saw it a second time on the big screen. Three years on, ...

A Short History of Hot Rods and Drag Racing in the UK

Author Elise  |  4th January 2021

By Niamh Smith What are Hot Rods and What is Drag Racing? What springs to mind when you hear the term ‘hot rod’? Do you think of a Model A Ford with a custom flame paint job, a ‘55 Chevy with a tri-power, or a factory-ready hot rod, perhaps a 429ci Cobra Jet Mustang. The hot rod ideal is different for everyone. Put simply, hot rods are ...

The Best Automotive Art in 2020 – Classic Car Art

Author Elise  |  11th November 2020

By Charlotte Iggulden Since the arrival of the first automobiles, automotive design has become an art form and an indelible part of culture and history. Through the decades, visual artists and art collectors across the world have been inspired by their pleasing lines and curvature, as both machines and works of art.  Nowadays, automotive art is everywhere. Think of those nameless engineers in the mid-twentieth century who ...

Overview of Goodwood SpeedWeek 2020

Author Elise  |  27th October 2020

By Chris Williams The way I prefer to watch motorsport is contrary to the way I prefer to watch rugby. My sofa, craft beer of my choice, superb camerawork, and some mates to argue the rules with makes for a tremendous rugby experience. However, thunderous engines demonstrating the Doppler Effect and giving headaches to earthworms is something I usually elect to experience in-person. Thus, it was unfortunate ...

Ford UK MD Visits Leading Mustang Dealership – We’re Still Reeling

Author Elise  |  24th August 2020

Hi guys, Paul Bennett here. What a week! As the MD of both Muscle Car UK and Pilgrim Motorsports, there are never two days alike in the factory. One day last week, however, was worth circling in the calendar. In red, green, glitter and stickers. On Thursday, we were delighted to receive Andy Barratt, the Managing Director of Ford Motor Company UK. He honoured us by visiting ...

Take Our American Muscle Car Personality Test!

Author Elise  |  23rd July 2020

What Kind of Muscle Car Enthusiast Are You? Does it take a ‘type’ of person to enjoy classic American muscle cars? Find out what kind of muscle car enthusiast you are in our personality test by having a read of our 5 main types of personalities. We won’t patronisingly give you little letters and numbers to add up. You can decide for yourself. You might recognise yourself ...

Ladies With Drive – Charlotte Vowden

Author Elise  |  13th July 2020

While male-dominated, the classic car world is by no means exclusive to men. Among celebrities, figures like Dita von Teese, Kendall Jenner, Jodie Kidd and Amber Heard are regularly seen out and about in their vintage vehicles. Supermodel Kendall Jenner is often seen zooming around in her 1956 aqua and white Corvette. And notoriously enamoured with retro and vintage style, picturesque Dita drives a burgundy ...

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