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Muscle Car UK in Top 5 of Car Dealer Awards!



Written by Elise

18th January 2021

Muscle Car UK in Top 5 of Car Dealer Awards!
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Muscle Car UK in Top 5 of Car Dealer Awards!

Muscle Car UK is delighted to announce that our Managing Director Paul Bennett was shortlisted in the Car Dealer Awards!

Muscle Car UK Car Dealer Awards 2020

Paul has been in the business for over thirty years, during which purchasing Pilgrim Motorsports and bringing Muscle Car UK into being were just two of his notable achievements in the field. 

If Paul is about one thing, it’s cars and their essence. His ability to communicate their power and personality is matched by few. Our customers’ feedback always highlights his expertise, transparency and outstanding old-fashioned customer service. As a result of these excellent and lasting relations, Paul was nominated and fittingly named one of the country’s top five in the Used Car Dealer Principal category.

Paul’s experience over the past couple of months in his own words:

A huge thank you to all our valued customers who took time out to nominate us for the awards. I must admit to being very chuffed at the response from everyone.

Car Dealer magazine has been going for over 12 years and has always been a great read to keep up with trends and news within our industry. In 2020 they went fully digital , as they themselves have had to keep up with the digitalising movement, and as a result, I found myself being interviewed live about our business independently from the Awards process, which was exciting and an honour to do.

It was great to be involved with this as usually it’s the big powerhouses in the motor trade who tend to make the news. For Car Dealer to be interested in our niche market was very exciting and they seemed to be very pleased with the interview.

We are up against stiff competition in the final five, but very proud to get to this point! I must also thank all the guys and girls that work with me, who provide such a great service for our customers and make my job much easier. Thanks again to all, and fingers crossed for the 5th February when we will know the final result!

Out of the thousands of used car dealers in the UK (you can see a thoroughly whittled list of nominations on the Car Dealer website), this places Muscle Car UK and Pilgrim Motorsports at the very top. 

Nominations are of course third-party and anonymous, so a great thank you to all who nominated us! Your continued support goes much appreciated. Well done, Paul!

Paul Bennett (left) with Andy Barratt (right), MD of Ford UK.


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