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Ford UK MD Visits Leading Mustang Dealership – We’re Still Reeling



Written by Elise

24th August 2020

Ford UK MD Visits Leading Mustang Dealership – We’re Still Reeling
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Ford UK MD Visits Leading Mustang Dealership – We’re Still Reeling

Hi guys, Paul Bennett here.

What a week! As the MD of both Muscle Car UK and Pilgrim Motorsports, there are never two days alike in the factory. One day last week, however, was worth circling in the calendar. In red, green, glitter and stickers.

On Thursday, we were delighted to receive Andy Barratt, the Managing Director of Ford Motor Company UK. He honoured us by visiting our Mustang dealership, where we also build an extensive range of bespoke Cobras and Speedster replicas.

Unsurprisingly, our visitor’s knowledge of classic Mustangs was impressive, and his passion for Henry Ford’s heritage infectious. Like us, Mr Barratt knows Mustangs have gravitas and a soul; it’s an age-old love affair. To fellow Mustang guys and gals out there: we can report with confidence that a 1968 Shelby Mustang GT 500 Fastback makes the top man’s heart skip a beat the same way it does ours!

Our 1968 Shelby GT-500 Fastback, available here.

Visiting The UK’s Biggest Classic Mustang Dealership

As the UK’s largest Classic Ford Mustang dealership, we have around forty Ford cars available to browse in our factory at any time of year, from survivor fastbacks to coupes, glossy convertibles and upgraded resto-mods. The premises also hold our Pilgrim Motorsports factory, where we build bespoke kit cars. 

To give him the full guest experience, we spent a couple of hours giving Mr Barratt a tour of our state-of-the-art facilities. He was enthused by the building process of our Cobras and delighted to see Ford engines lowered into them.

Caption: Pilgrim Cobra Replica 3.5L V8
Pilgrim Cobra Replica 3.5L V8, available here.

We took great pride in showing such a keen enthusiast our range of survivor cars. Mr Barratt’s knowledge shone through as he listened attentively to the history of each car. He was particularly touched by the background of a recent arrival from California: a classic Mustang whose extremely rare logbook shows only one owner from new.

Indeed, the Mustang’s original owner, a fabulous lady only 94 years young, did a splendid job maintaining her long-beloved car. Kept in original specification throughout then authorised and regulated by our expert staff upon receiving it, this V8 engine automatic ‘survivor’ still has factory hubcaps attached and a history file 4 inches thick. Mr Barratt even posed with it for us to commemorate the moment.

Paul Bennett, MD of Muscle Car UK (left), and Andy Barratt, MD of Ford UK (right).

Ford UK Comments

The MD of Ford UK later posted on his social media accounts reporting his visit in various flattering terms that made us squirm with equal amounts of pleasure and pride.

We appreciate Mr Barratt taking time out of his busy schedule more than we can say and were delighted to see he got as much pleasure from his visit as we did.


Thank you, Mr Barratt, we look forward to seeing more of you!

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