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Meet Our Demo Model: Fastest Roadworthy Mustang S550 in the UK

Author Elise  |  19th May 2021

As you may know, as well as selling and servicing classic Mustangs, Muscle Car UK offer performance parts, upgrades, accessories, tuning, modifications and service for modern Ford Mustangs, including the S550 Mustang introduced in 2015. As Ford Mustang specialists, we’re proud to say our seasoned experts are at ease with modern Mustang modifications, service and upgrades. To give our customers an idea of what to expect, we have built and modified ...

Everything We Know So Far About the 2022 Mustang

Author Elise  |  30th March 2021

By Hamed Paydarfar As one of the oldest automobile companies, Ford Motor Company has always surprised people with fresh ideas, astonishing upshots, and producing high-quality mechanics with captivating designs. Ford has been one of the most influential pioneers in producing all types of cars; from old classic coupes and sedans to SUVs (Sport-Utility Vehicle) and Pickup Trucks with a price range of medium to high. These are ...

Muscle Car UK Servicing Booked Up Until June

Author Elise  |  23rd March 2021

And it’s all thanks to you! We’re delighted to say that throughout these challenging times, MCUK and Pilgrim Motorsports have been able to rely on their fantastic staff and customer base. Thanks to loyal customers and word of mouth, our factory, showroom, paint shop and restoration facilities are booked to be full, right up until June! We could not be happier or more excited to work on so ...

Jason Momoa’s Classic Mustang Restoration

Author Elise  |  17th February 2021

By Charlotte Iggulden Why Cars Mean Memories Ever since its sensational arrival in 1964, the Classic Ford Mustang has continued to embody the American notion of freedom and individuality for its owners. In 2020, Hollywood actor Jason Momoa surprised his wife Lisa Bonet, the actress and philanthropist, by restoring the car she bought at age 17: a rare, sporty luxurious 1965 Ford Mustang GT convertible. The finished product was ...

Muscle Car Popularity Rising in UK

Author Elise  |  10th February 2021

By Niamh Smith In recent years, there has been a surge of muscle car popularity in the UK. It is apparent everywhere you look; at classic car shows, on social media, classified ads, even in car magazines. One only has to take a quick look on Car and Classic’s ‘American Cars’ section to see that, at the time of writing this article, there’s a whopping 434 ...

Muscle Car UK in Top 5 of Car Dealer Awards!

Author Elise  |  18th January 2021

Muscle Car UK is delighted to announce that our Managing Director Paul Bennett was shortlisted in the Car Dealer Awards! Paul has been in the business for over thirty years, during which purchasing Pilgrim Motorsports and bringing Muscle Car UK into being were just two of his notable achievements in the field.  If Paul is about one thing, it’s cars and their essence. His ability to communicate ...

Drag Racing in the UK—Nostalgia Super Stock

Author Elise  |  13th January 2021

By Charlie Fuller In 2019 I had one goal. It was to buy my dream car: a classic 1966 Ford Mustang. I hunted everywhere, from shows to dealers and online. I was convinced that Mopar Euro Nationals was going to be the place. Ultimately, I found mine on eBay and it was only 40 miles away.  Later that year I joined The Watts Shop Facebook group, where ...

Muscle Car UK’s Baby Driver Film Review

Author Elise  |  11th January 2021

By Niamh Smith When I first walked out of the cinema after seeing Baby Driver, I immediately declared it my new favourite film. The combination of an amazing soundtrack, perfect for an old soul like me, along with engine-revving high-action scenes just made for such a good watch, so much so that I went and saw it a second time on the big screen. Three years on, ...

Auto Express Car Magazine Review

Author Elise  |  8th January 2021

By Jamie Wills Many motoring magazine publishers live under a class delusion. They imagine their readers reside in a Hampshire pile and go to work in a Jaguar F-Type. They foresee city boys buying a 911 Carrera. They appeal to enthusiasts who own a separate garage in which to undertake a five-year Chevy Camero restoration project. Reality for many, of course, is cheaper. Whilst a feature may ...

The Facts of Rivalry: Ford V Ferrari Review

Author Elise  |  7th December 2020

By Niamh Smith Things I look for in a film: thrilling action that leaves me strapped into the driver’s seat, loveable characters that make me want to have a beer with them, and as a history buff I like a bit of historical context as well.  As a classic racing nerd, match those features with a storyline based on the true rivalry between Ford and Ferrari in ...

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