Sourcing Beautiful Mustangs in Tucson

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Written by Harrison

11th November 2019

Sourcing Beautiful Mustangs in Tucson
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Sourcing Beautiful Mustangs in Tucson

We thought we’d show you the lengths we go to in sourcing quality Mustangs. Adrian is our Director based in Phoenix, AZ; he gives us regular updates on how the weather is over there and occasionally the wonderful cars he finds. This year Adrian clocked up over 76,000 miles sourcing beautiful Mustangs in Arizona, and the year isn’t over yet.

So, from the man himself, the events of his latest trips to Tucson:

“We found this ‘66 resto-mod for sale in Eastern Tucson. Highly modified 351, fuel-injected, shock tower delete plates, a radical new fully-independent front suspension, rack & pinion steering, Willwood disc brakes… sounded just what we always look for. So after contacting the seller (Kris) we headed out for Tucson on the I-10, battling through the usual crazy Phoenix traffic. Once clear of the massive metropolis the 150 mile drive through the Sonoran Desert is always a spectacle! We passed the famous Pinal Air Park, the home of military and commercial aircraft graveyards in the desert, where if you’re lucky you can spot the planes all lined up in a row.


When we finally arrived and inspected the car, it urned out it had been built from a true AZ ‘C’ Code Coupe. Just what we love: the desert climate of Arizona keeps well-maintained Mustangs perfectly rust free. Kris’s father-in-law Kevin had been a pro car-builder, and built this ‘66 at the workshop adjoined to his home.

We put this beautiful Mustang up on his ramp and found a perfect original body shell, with lots of high grade mechanical work finished to the highest standards.


All this tender care made this car pull 105mph in 2nd gear over a standing 1/4! That’s fast without a Posi rear end.


It was a shame, however, to see that the interior, paint and overall finish just didn’t make it for us. It was a close call as our shop in the UK can deal with all of these issues, but at a cost that not many would go for, so we decided to leave it behind.

Always disappointing, but then again we only buy the best!”


See which cars did make the cut here.



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