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How to Become Your Own Mustang Specialist at Home

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Written by Elise

5th May 2020

How to Become Your Own Mustang Specialist at Home
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How to Become Your Own Mustang Specialist at Home

Always dreamt of being a classic car or mustang specialist? The lockdown period is a great opportunity to look into classic cars in more detail. Here’s how you can tinker with yours at home.

5. Detail it

Every car needs a nice thorough detailing once every so often, and classic cars like Mustangs are no exception. The best part is you don’t even need to be a mechanic or engineer to do it. Anyone can. Get the kids involved! Tell them they can keep whatever change they find under the seats (we’re all struggling to find ways of keeping the little tornadoes busy). A proper detailing involves waxing and polishing the body of your car, scrubbing the wheels and tires, washing windows, using polish and special cleaner for leather on the interior, lathering the floor mats, and sucking up every speck of dust from every nook and cranny. Our Very Official Rulebook says you can even use those little keyboards vacuums to get to the fiddly bits. This takes a few hours, so best put on that ‘80s radio to set the scene.

4. Swap out your lights

Especially relevant if you’ve recently purchased a vintage or classic car like one of our Mustangs or Corvettes. This one is important safety-wise as well as something to keep you entertained. If you’ve bought your classic from us there’s a fair chance we’ve swapped them out for you, but vintage headlights are nowhere near as powerful as the LED lights most cars have nowadays. If yellow/amber headlights are your thing there are ways of keeping that warm light quality instead of the harsh LED blue-white (there are visibility benefits to it as well), so if at first it feels like hubris don’t let that stop you. You only need a Philipps screwdriver and a rookie’s knowledge of electrics to make the change too. Don’t forget to clean out the debris while you’re at it!

3. Give it a wheel upgrade

Whether it’s the ones on the ground or in your hands, if you’re after that sporty look this can really make a difference. Cars are just moving puzzles and switching out your steering wheel is both easy and rewarding. If you’ve never had the joyful experience of a classic car upgrade from us before, this touch of custom specification is a great way to make your vintage classic look polished and unique.

If you’re a hands-on petrolhead and you’ve already got a torque wrench and a few long crowbars, why not install a set of new wheels at home too?  They can give your vintage a whole new mood and feel. Sometimes it’s worth it just to feel that extra grip as you drive your classic down the road.

2. Get creative

Vinyl wraps are fun, colourful, and non-permanent which helps keep the cost down. There are so many designs to go for, and are perfect to make your car look completely different while still maintaining that ‘cool’ factor times a thousand. We don’t do vinyl or bodywork house calls, but others do even during this pandemic (try googling local specialists). We do, however, offer state-of-the-art paintwork in our in-house bodyshop, and we’re confident we have the best paint engineers in the country. So, if you’re feeling that lockdown shopping fever and want to treat yourself, your classic would be in good hands.

1. Get nesting

Woodland animals and pigeons aren’t the only ones supposed to groom themselves and their homes right now. It’s springtime, get to it! Tidy up the garage, fix that windshield chip, organise your garage/man cave/room of wonders, order those parts and store them where you’ll find them, declutter your stuff, power-hose it down, paint it pink – you name it. You’re at home, make the most of it.

Let us know how you’re getting on. Follow us on social media and tag us in your posts. We’d love to see some before and after shots at home!

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