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Muscle Car Modifications To Help You Stand Out! 

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Written by Elise

18th February 2020

Muscle Car Modifications To Help You Stand Out! 
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Muscle Car Modifications To Help You Stand Out! 

Owning a classic car comes with a very important role: how to stand out from the crowd. Here at Muscle Car UK, we take that seriously. Since warmer days are on the way, we thought we would run through some of our most popular upgrades. The best bit is: you don’t have to break the bank for them!

Made-to-Measure Car Covers

You can call up today and select the colour, print, and material you desire. While these look fantastic, the job of these covers is above all to protect your paintwork from the elements, keeping it in mint condition. They don’t cost a lot and make for a fantastic present for the petrol heads in your life (even if that’s you!).

Brake Calliper Painting

Looking for a bit of a pop? We have several of these projects a month, and by golly the results are fantastic. Our team of expert paint engineers can turn your brake callipers any colour you like. We can even colour-match it to your bodywork (monochromatic looks are in, baby). This service really makes the wheels stand out and allow for personalisation to your exact taste.

Fitting a New Exhaust

Want to stand out even from miles away? For those who want to be heard before they’re seen, fitting a new exhaust is the answer. You can choose from a wide range of exhausts on the market and adjust for the exact sound you are going for. Of course the straighter the exhaust the louder the noise. Then again, true power is another box of tricks, so our team can help you find the right new engine with enough horsepower to tick all the boxes. 

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