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Everything We Know So Far About the 2022 Mustang

Author Elise  |  30th March 2021

By Hamed Paydarfar As one of the oldest automobile companies, Ford Motor Company has always surprised people with fresh ideas, astonishing upshots, and producing high-quality mechanics with captivating designs. Ford has been one of the most influential pioneers in producing all types of cars; from old classic coupes and sedans to SUVs (Sport-Utility Vehicle) and Pickup Trucks with a price range of medium to high. These are ...

Chevrolet Nova Review – Classic Muscle Car Review

Author Elise  |  22nd March 2021

By Hamed Paydarfar One of the fastest new-car development programs in the history of General Motors, the Nova (also labelled as “Chevy II” and “Chevy II/Nova” in different models) was Chevrolet’s solution for an affordable compact car. It was initially intended to compete against the Ford Falcon, a competition that would last years. During its eighteen years of production, Chevy Nova went from a small affordable car ...

Chevy Bel Air Review—Classic Muscle Car Review

Author Elise  |  15th March 2021

By Owen Pham It was in the 1950s that Chevrolet released a brand new model that would be considered a classic for generations to come. The model was initially called Deluxe Styline. At first, Chevrolet had some difficulty getting traction with this model. So, in 1953, they changed the name, and Bel Air was born. It is hard to remember a car in American history as iconic ...

Why the John Wick Boss 429 is the Best Movie Mustang

Author Elise  |  8th March 2021

By Niamh Smith Throughout history, there have been many iconic cars of the silver screen. Some movie cars help define a character while other films revolve around the car itself, and in some cases, the car is a character. From Tom Cruise to James Bond and Steve McQueen, from Tokyo to Las Vegas, from Ford Mustang GT Fastbacks to Plymouth Furys and Dodge Chargers, many muscle ...

AMC AMX Review – Classic Muscle Car Review

Author Elise  |  1st March 2021

By Owen Pham American Motors Corporation (AMC) was born after the largest corporate merger at the time (merger of Hudson Motor Car Company & Nash-Kelvinator Corporation in 1954). The amalgamation was Nash-Kelvinator President, George W. Mason’s strategy to revolutionize AMC into the next big thing and compete with the Big Three (Chrysler, GM, Ford). AMC was famous for producing safe and economical cars. However, their products were ...

Chevrolet El Camino Review – Classic Muscle Cars Review 

Author Elise  |  22nd February 2021

By Charlotte Iggulden ‘El Camino’ translates from Spanish as ‘the path’ or ‘the way.’ It is an appropriate name for a car that signalled a new direction for General Motors (GM). From 1959-60 and 1964-87, the Chevrolet El Camino was a vehicle hybrid, combining the practicality of a pickup truck, passenger car comfort, stylish design, and, with the Super Sport package, high-performance muscle. According to The Drive, ...

What Year Mustang is the Best? 1967 Mustang

Author Elise  |  8th February 2021

By Niamh Smith I, for one, love a good debate. I can argue about anything while talking a glass eye to sleep, and muscle or sports cars are not exempt. One of the constant debates at the drag strip is the age-old feud of GM versus Mopar. Today’s debate, however, is one internal to Ford. The Ford Mustang is such an iconic nameplate that each year has ...

What Year Mustang Is the Best? 1968 Mustang

Author Elise  |  1st February 2021

By Charlotte Iggulden What Was the Best Mustang? To help answer the old question “What was the best Mustang model?”, this is Muscle Car UK’s comprehensive review of the 1968 Ford Mustang, the first of a series of reviews that will examine each Mustang year in turn. Looking for a 1968 Mustang in the UK yourself? You might get lucky: see our UK stock for the car of ...

Classic Ford Maverick Review—Classic Muscle Car Review 2020

Author Elise  |  15th January 2021

By Charlotte Iggulden Maverick definition: An unorthodox/independent person who acts free from constraints and organisational guidelines.  The Ford nameplate refers to an unbranded form of cattle. Maverick also applies to the free-roaming mustang and Ford’s pony car, a symbol of the pioneering spirit of the American west. Ford’s compact car, Maverick (Americas, 1969-1977), was an instant success that would unexpectedly rival the Ford Mustang. Not to be confused ...

Pontiac Firebird – Classic Muscle Car Review 2020

Author Elise  |  6th January 2021

By Charlotte Iggulden The mythical Firebird appears in cultures around the world. Slavic folklore tells of a prophetic glowing bird from a distant land; beautiful and dangerous, it is simultaneously a blessing and harbinger of doom to its captor.  Meanwhile, Ancient Greek mythology records a Phoenix, an immortal bird that regenerates from fiery ashes and has come to symbolise renewal. The Pontiac Firebird Trans Am’s decal is arguably ...

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