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AMC Javelin – Classic Muscle Car Review 2020

Author Elise  |  12th November 2020

By Niamh Smith ‘And They’re Off!’ The AMC Javelin was one of the last pony cars to leave the stable. They had already been pipped to the post by the big three (GM, Ford and Chrysler) and had already “been there, done that, got the t-shirt!”.  But for AMC, being late to the party wasn’t the disaster you would think. In fact, it saved them by the skin ...

Plymouth Fury – Classic Muscle Car 2020 Review

Author Elise  |  10th November 2020

By Niamh Smith The Plymouth Fury: A 34-Year Legacy Throughout the Plymouth Fury’s long and tumultuous lifetime it has seen many incarnations. From the practical sedan taking the family to a picnic by the lake, to the young motorhead excited to be driving his first muscle car. From the NYPD’s ranks, to the record breaking taxi cab that clocked up over 1.6million miles, the Fury has seen ...

Dodge Charger VS Chevy Camaro VS Ford Mustang – Which Is Better?

Author Elise  |  3rd November 2020

By Owen Pham Ever since the establishment of American muscle cars as a particular car category in the 1960s, many different muscle cars have been released to the market to draw petrol heads’ attention. Although the Ford Mustang has always been known as the most popular muscle car ever, there have been fierce rivals around this savage horse. But the closest competitors for Mustangs in terms ...

The Best Aussie Muscle Cars Ever Produced

Author Elise  |  2nd November 2020

By Chris Williams Having recently arrived in the UK from New Zealand, I have been taken aback at the popularity of muscle cars here. The classic muscle car scene is healthy in seemingly every county; those who do not own any American muscle still drool over them; one can even buy the new Mustang with a medium-rare, T-bone V8 no less.  I shouldn’t be surprised. Muscle cars ...

Ford Thunderbird – Classic Muscle Car 2020 Review

Author Elise  |  29th October 2020

By Lucy Hotchkiss The Ford Thunderbird is one of the most iconic nameplates from the muscle car era. Given its plethora of film and TV appearances—including a feature at John F. Kennedy’s inauguration—the Thunderbird is practically a celebrity in its own right.  Spanning eleven generations of models with over 4.4m T-birds produced, Ford’s sporty, sophisticated and elegant Thunderbird established its own market segment: personal luxury cars. This short ...

Ford Mustang Mach 1 – Classic Muscle Car Review 2020

Author Elise  |  26th October 2020

By Charlotte Iggulden  Mach 1: High speed, exceeding 1200 km/h or 750mph, enough to break the sound barrier. In the same year that Concorde hit the headlines, Ford’s Jet-Age-influenced Mach 1 performance package was officially launched, responding to a generation’s need for speed. In production from 1969-78, the popular Ford Mustang Mach 1 returned briefly in 2003-4 as part of the Ford Heritage program; its 2021 incarnation ...

Classic American Muscle Cars – 2020 Review

Author Elise  |  21st October 2020

By Lucy Hotchkiss Iconic, sleek and menacing. The term ‘muscle car’ was first coined to describe special, high-powered and mass-produced alternatives to sports cars, specifically tailored for drag racing. So that’s what muscle cars were for.  Now, big wheels, highly tuned suspension, V8 engine, high-performance specs, coupe-style body, aggressive stance, ever-increasing horsepower, outrageously good looks… Those are what muscle cars have. But what a muscle car is… is ...

Ten Classic British Cars That Outclass American Muscle Cars

Author Elise  |  20th October 2020

By Chris Williams As an Australasian car person I never understood the concept of being a die-hard for any particular type or brand of car. Hence, back home, I was always viewed with suspicion by my fellow antipodeans as a potential automotive fifth columnist because I was neither a Holden nor a Ford fanatic. Indeed, the only occasion there would be any unity between Ford and Holden ...

Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 and GT500 – Classic Muscle Car Review

Author Elise  |  19th October 2020

By Charlotte Iggulden Few names conjure up the image of performance like Carroll Shelby. His involvement with the Mustang stands as probably the best marketing decision Ford Motor Company ever made, and a pivotal moment in the history of automobiles. The limited production 1965-68 Shelby Mustang performance cars, with their racing pedigree, helped define the golden era of muscle cars. The car’s winning streak has led to ...

Plymouth Barracuda – Classic Muscle Car 2020 Review

Author Elise  |  15th October 2020

By Charlotte Iggulden Barracuda [ber-ə-ˈkü-də]: A large, predatory fish found in warm water. Fast and slender, it has an aggressive appearance and behaviour. Reflected in its logo, Plymouth Barracuda and its aggressive incarnation ‘Cuda are frequently cited alongside the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro as a legendary pony car and iconic muscle car. To find out why, here is our short car review, looking at the model ...

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