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Muscle Car UK Servicing Booked Up Until June

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Muscle Car UK Servicing Booked Up Until June

Author Elise  |  23rd March 2021

And it’s all thanks to you! We’re delighted to say that throughout these challenging times, MCUK and Pilgrim Motorsports have been able to rely on their fantastic staff and customer base. Thanks to loyal customers and word of mouth, our factory, showroom, paint shop and restoration facilities are booked to be full, right up until June! We could not be happier or more excited to work on so ...

Muscle Car UK in Top 5 of Car Dealer Awards!

Author Elise  |  18th January 2021

Muscle Car UK is delighted to announce that our Managing Director Paul Bennett was shortlisted in the Car Dealer Awards! Paul has been in the business for over thirty years, during which purchasing Pilgrim Motorsports and bringing Muscle Car UK into being were just two of his notable achievements in the field.  If Paul is about one thing, it’s cars and their essence. His ability to communicate ...

Drag Racing in the UK—Nostalgia Super Stock

Author Elise  |  13th January 2021

By Charlie Fuller In 2019 I had one goal. It was to buy my dream car: a classic 1966 Ford Mustang. I hunted everywhere, from shows to dealers and online. I was convinced that Mopar Euro Nationals was going to be the place. Ultimately, I found mine on eBay and it was only 40 miles away.  Later that year I joined The Watts Shop Facebook group, where ...

Chevrolet Super Sport – Classic Muscle Car Review

Author Elise  |  9th December 2020

By Charlotte Iggulden Super: Latin (preposition and v. prefix) meaning above, beyond, or in addition to an especially high degree; akin to Greek hyper. Before Louis-Joseph Chevrolet (1878-1941) co-founded the eponymous car manufacturing company, he was a mechanic, car designer and race car driver. You would not be wrong in saying performance runs in a Chevy muscle car’s veins.    This is our classic Chevrolet SS review on the ...

Ten Classic British Cars That Outclass American Muscle Cars

Author Elise  |  20th October 2020

By Chris Williams As an Australasian car person I never understood the concept of being a die-hard for any particular type or brand of car. Hence, back home, I was always viewed with suspicion by my fellow antipodeans as a potential automotive fifth columnist because I was neither a Holden nor a Ford fanatic. Indeed, the only occasion there would be any unity between Ford and Holden ...

Classic American Muscle Cars We Wish Were Back

Author Elise  |  15th September 2020

The seventies were a good time for muscle cars and their owners, despite the discontinuation of many classic muscle cars due to rising difficulties with emissions regulations. As most things do, the world of muscle and sports cars simply evolved. This was not a bad thing: iconic muscle cars of the ’70s began to turn into pony cars (generally smaller than the classic models) and became ...

Get A 1968 Shelby Mustang GT500!

Author Elise  |  25th June 2020

As soon as I took the call, I knew something had happened. The voice on the other end I knew well: it belonged to Paul, owner of Muscle Car UK. He sounded tired, yet happy. There was a tremor of excitement in him I hadn’t heard in a while. “A fantastic car,” he said. “Absolutely fantastic.” Because, ladies and gentlemen, Muscle Car UK had just welcomed home ...

Tips on How To Prepare Your Car For Summer

Author Elise  |  15th June 2020

Modern cars do need regular care, but with classics it’s absolutely vital. Usually the big baddy of nature for anything mechanical is winter. With salt on the roads, chilly humidity, and few chances to go zooming down the road to show off, many cars are somewhat the worse for wear come March. Especially this year! However, to prepare your car for summer is important as ...

Six Tips and Buying Criteria Of An Expert

Author Elise  |  25th May 2020

An expert in buying classic Ford Mustangs and renowned classic car restorer, our very own Adrian Hewetson offers tips and buying criteria you should look (out) for when shopping for a classic. Or indeed any car. It often takes Adrian hours or even days to drive to the cars he wants to view in Arizona, but he only ever buys the cars that match Muscle Car ...

Introducing the UK’s Biggest Mustang Dealership

Author Elise  |  12th May 2020

Welcome to Muscle Car UK. Based in Henfield, West Sussex, we are the biggest classic Ford Mustang dealership in the UK, with over 40 classic Mustangs on offer at certain times of the year. Muscle Car UK are owned by the well-known Pilgrim Motorsports, who boast forty plus years of experience in car manufacturing, classic car restoration & classic car servicing. Over time, we slowly specialised in the ...

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