Introducing the UK’s Biggest Mustang Dealership

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Written by Elise

12th May 2020

Introducing the UK’s Biggest Mustang Dealership
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Introducing the UK’s Biggest Mustang Dealership

Welcome to Muscle Car UK.

Based in Henfield, West Sussex, we are the biggest Mustang dealership in the UK, with over 40 classic Mustangs on offer at certain times of the year. Muscle Car UK are owned by the well-known Pilgrim Motorsports, who boast forty plus years of experience in car manufacturing, classic car restoration & classic car servicing. Over time we slowly specialised in the classic American muscle market, buying and selling wonderful classic Mustangs, Corvettes, and American muscle cars. Now, we’re the biggest Mustang dealership in the UK. In other words, we’re the people you want.

What Do We Do?

Above all, Muscle Car UK pride themselves on reliability, reputation, and overall customer satisfaction. Our dedicated American-based team in Phoenix, Arizona, clock up countless miles to ensure they find the best cars and bring them back to sell in the European market. This means that we bring back only the best quality classic Mustangs to the UK.

Looking for a classic Mustang from 1965-70? There’s a good chance Muscle Car UK have what you are looking for. Even better, we can find you exactly what you are after. Our experienced team are happy to help with any enquiries, so pop us a message if you have something tickling your fancy. We also have a fully-equipped servicing and restoration centre in our factory, our state-of-the-art facilities designed to pamper all types of classic cars and bring them back to their formal glory.

We Also Buy

Looking to sell your classic car? You’re in luck, we’re not the biggest Mustang dealership in Britain for nothing. We buy all types of Ford Mustangs, including Shelby GT350, GT500, Boss 302, Boss 427, Fastbacks, Restomod, Coupe models from the ’60s, and more modern used Mustangs. We know a lot of our customers enjoy doing what we do as a hobby, so we will also consider classic barn finds and project cars. Importantly, we always aim to offer you the very best UK price.

So, if you have a classic Ford Mustang for sale in the UK or Europe, get in touch via our website ( or call 01273 493 860 to chat to our team.

If you are not in the UK but are still looking to buy your dream classic Mustang, don’t worry: Muscle Car UK ship WORLDWIDE. We  deliver to over 188 countries through our trusted shipping agent right up to your door. So, really, how about getting your own classic Mustang?

See more of our Mustangs here.

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