Our 3 Day Trip To SEMA 2019…



Written by Harrison

3rd December 2019

Our 3 Day Trip To SEMA 2019…
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Our 3 Day Trip To SEMA 2019…

Sema 2019 is probably the biggest motor show in the world! This show is not open to the general public but only to persons in the motor industry. SEMA has it things for everybody here, If you’re a sprayer, mechanic, car salesman or a vehicle wrapper then there is something here for you and more. People fly from all over the world every year just to come to this giant spectacle for 3 days in Las Vegas.

Some of the cars that were on show here were out of this world! Here is how our 3 days went for us.

 The variation in cars was incredible and some of the modifications that the owners of the vehicles absolutely blew us away! The Pickup trucks look like monsters with their raised suspension and wheel size increased massively!


Some of the cars here at the SEMA show looked like they were straight out of a Hot Wheels packet! This car just makes our inner child scream with delight. The amount of detail that has gone into making this fine show piece in phenomenal!

 We then moved onto the Ford Motorsports stand to listen to the Ford team talk about the exciting prospect that were coming up in the future of the company.

After the announcements we were then treated to a show of some mustangs losing some rubber as they spun, drifted and doughnutting their way round a giant ball of tires!


With the mention of Hot Wheels earlier we found an actual Hot Wheels stand! These magnificent machines were breath taking with the amount of detail that was put into these cars. The hours of the owner’s time and money spent makes it all worthwhile!

With our inner child now satisfied we moved onto the Shelby stand. This was by far one of the most popular stands in the whole of the convention! We could barely get close to any of the cars!

 These backdraught Cobras come with a hefty price tag, but the price reflects on the cars themselves. They are stunning! These beasts come with the 5.0L V8 Roush engine, pushing out a whopping 550HP!


Just to give you an idea of the scale of this convention and how many people attend it every year, this is just one room out of the dozens more in the convention centre not to forget the outside as well! There is just a sea of people battling their way through the crowds.