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Plymouth Barracuda – Classic Muscle Car 2020 Review

Author Elise  |  15th October 2020

By Charlotte Iggulden Barracuda [ber-ə-ˈkü-də]: A large, predatory fish found in warm water. Fast and slender, it has an aggressive appearance and behaviour. Reflected in its logo, Plymouth Barracuda and its aggressive incarnation ‘Cuda are frequently cited alongside the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro as a legendary pony car and iconic muscle car. To find out why, here is our short car review, looking at the model ...

10 Best Classic and Muscle Cars Driven by Celebrities

Author Elise  |  14th October 2020

By Owen Pham Although the definitions of classic cars vary, the majority of the car enthusiast community agree that older cars with 20 years or older lifespan can be considered classic. The main factors in valuing classic vehicles are their historical significance, popularity, uniqueness, and collectability. These factors represent whether an older car is worthy of maintaining and restoration, or if it’s better off for crushing ...

Ford Mustang – Muscle Car Review 2020

Author Elise  |  13th October 2020

By Chris Williams Gazing out my window into the drizzle of an English afternoon, I find myself daydreaming about going for a drive.  Where? One of my favourite European roads, a little-known but wonderful stretch of country highway between Przemyśl and Sanok in southeast Poland. Which car? Today, I feel a familiar hankering for an old classic: the Ford Mustang, usually prompted by sight or sound like ...

Buick Gran Sport – Classic Muscle Car 2020 Review

Author Elise  |  8th October 2020

By Jamie Wills The Buick Gran Sport poured chilli powder onto the American muscle car scene of the 1960s and 1970s. Arriving in 1965 as side models of the Buick Skylark and Buick Riviera, the Gran Sport placed the biggest engine General Motors would permit in a medium-sized car and announced the company as a player in the golden age of icons in classic American open ...

Boss 302 Mustang – Muscle Car 2020 Review

Author Elise  |  6th October 2020

By Noah Ackland By the tail end of the 1960s, Ford was mass-producing their cars and well-experienced in releasing high-performance variations of their famous Mustang. These included the Shelby GT500, which together with Chevrolet’s iconic Camaro had the muscle car market by the throat.  In 1969, Ford released a high-performance variant on their established classic, which they named the Ford Mustang Boss 302, a higher-performance version of ...

Buick Skylark: Classic Muscle Car 2020 Review

Author Elise  |  2nd October 2020

By Chris Williams Throughout the latter half of the twentieth century, the Buick Skylark was constantly reinvented. If an American car could be a jack of all trades, the Skylark would be it, beginning as an exclusive luxury model before becoming a feature in sports saloons. It then evolved into a heavyweight muscle car before winding up an anaemic weasel.  After this car review, I challenge you ...

The Dodge Charger – Classic Muscle Car 2020 Review

Author Elise  |  1st October 2020

By Lucy Hotchkiss The classic Dodge Charger has been held as a pristine example of what American muscle cars mean for years; a glossy, thunderous exterior contrasted with the raw power of a high-performance engine has captivated a long lineage of car lovers globally. But how did a mere concept car become the muscle car? And how does it compare to other Dodge gems? A Failed Rebellion When ...

Chevrolet Chevelle – Classic Muscle Car 2020 Review

Author Elise  |  30th September 2020

By Charlotte Iggulden Of French or American origin, ‘Chevelle’ is generally agreed to mean ‘bold and beautiful.’ The Chevelle Super Sport or SS variant (1964-77), was Chevrolet’s answer to the muscle car wars in the 60s-early 70s.  Today, the SS is coveted by classic car collectors. In 2013, a rare 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 LS6 coupe earned $1.15 million at Mecum (where the status of World’s Most ...

Chevrolet Camaro – Classic Muscle Car 2020 Review

Author Elise  |  29th September 2020

By Chris Williams How does one review a legend such as the Camaro? Do I nit-pick, gossip and belittle, or do I gush and lick its tyres?  The best approach is to praise the demigod, yet show its human qualities. The fact is that this fifty-four-year-old machine of an American muscle car has indeed become a god among petrol heads. But for every person who worships the ...

Ford Mustang Boss 429 – Classic Muscle Car 2020 Review

Author Elise  |  28th September 2020

By Owen Pham Ever since it was introduced to the market in 1964, the Ford Mustang became the most popular muscle car ever and an American car industry icon that gathered the attention of many car enthusiasts worldwide. As an attempt to make the Mustang more attractive to buyers, Ford Motor Company has released numerous high-performance variants of this charming muscle car, one of the most memorable ...

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