How We Find Classic Mustangs



Written by Harrison

7th November 2019

How We Find Classic Mustangs
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How We Find Classic Mustangs

In the words of Adrian, our Arizona-based director, read about how we find our beautiful classic Mustangs in the USA:

“So, with arrangements made to view several cars in Yuma and California we left the ranch where our office is based in Arizona, heading out to the sr303 which links with the I-10 heading to Los Angeles. The 303 runs south towards South Mountain, where some of the oldest rocks on the planet can be found.

We find our beautiful classic Mustangs following the strictest of criteria so you don’t have to.

We headed to Yuma, a dusty old Western Town set on the Mexican Border, where Arizona meets California and the Colorado River makes its way to the sea.

The road crosses Buckeye, the largest city in Maricopa County, another old western town with its history stretching back to the earliest days of the Wild, Wild West. Could have sworn we saw John Wayne and Clint Eastwood!!

We drove on further south, through undulating cactus-spotted desert landscape with its never-ending mountains in the distance. Mile after mile it continued to unfold until the road narrowed where it meets the town of Gila Bend, which also has an old western feel with a few “good old cowboys” wandering about town. Many of the town’s properties are empty, including the derelict but unaltered Stouts Hotel, which is long since closed.

Just after that is the Space Age Cafe, built during America’s space race and now a popular stop off. A quick bite here was definitely called for.

Once we were fuelled up it was time to fuel the vehicle, at a relatively low price per gallon. Then we pressed on to Yuma for our first viewing. Unfortunately, the car there was not what we had hoped for as the specifications were not right for us. So, onwards to San Diego we went, for another 5-hour drive!


We arrived and lo and behold found this beauty; we just had to snap it up! A 1966 Mustang 302 resto-mod with a full Edlebrock top end, alloy head, intake carb, and mild cam. Along with these came the Pony with updated power steering, power discs and an all-round upgraded interior. It had the added bonus of a huge history file, which is very rare in a car of this age. The paint work was also stunning – not a scratch on it.


The pictures barely do it justice: this was an amazing find we couldn’t wait to bring back to the UK. With the car now on its way to the port to be shipped you can expect to see this beauty by the end of November!”

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