What Is The Best Year For A Classic Mustang?

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Written by Harrison

19th March 2020

What Is The Best Year For A Classic Mustang?
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What Is The Best Year For A Classic Mustang?

On a weekly basis we are asked what is the best year for a classic Mustang? With innovation and changes to the shape year on year during the 60s, it really comes down to what you want from your mustang and personal training taste! 

A purist may be drawn to 64 1/2. These cars were the very first Ford Mustangs to hit the production line. They got there name due to being released in 1964, but were sold as a 1965 model. Even though these Mustangs were mass produced, its incredibly rare to find one that is still all original and in working order. We were lucky enough to sell one here at the dealership last year. Great car!

If you like fastbacks, then its hard to look past 68 model. The model that was made famous by Steve McQueen in the movie ‘Bullitt’. A film that has gone on to be the most iconic car film of all time. You haven’t got to look at the car for too long to see why it gets the heart pumping! Its a bulked up version of the earlier Mustangs that were produced and filled with even more testosterone. You won’t fill let down driving one of these about! 

If its the classic Mustang shape you’re after then, it may be the case you go for coupe from 66, 67, 68 or 69. These stylish Mustangs are a constant here at the Muscle Car Uk dealership. The iconic shape and roar of the engine ensures you’ll be turning on your travels. 

Here at Muscle Car UK we have up to 40 classic mustangs on offer at any one time. Everything your heart could possibly desire. If you don’t see the exact model or spec you’re after, be sure to let us know what you’re looking for, as we have a team on the ground in the US who find our cars for us. Im sure they’ll come across your dream car in no time. What is the best year for a Classic Mustang for you? Call us today and let our team guide you through! 


See what’s Mustangs we currently have on offer here: https://musclecar.uk/classic-cars/categories/muscle-car/

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